Kim Kao explores South Korea With Her Friends

Kim Dao is in South Korea and has just met up with other people that makes videos on Youtube ( Kim Dao thinks that it is really cool to meet a lot of new people. Kim Dao and a few other people have some drinks and explore the area. They also have lunch together. They want to go to a makeup store called Laboratories of Nature but they are doing some filming inside so they aren’t allowed to go in. They decide to go somewhere else and possibly go back later. They have a look at a variety of hair brushes. They go on to do more window shopping and stop in the makeup section. They ask the store’s associate about a particular product.Learn more :


They are interested in doing Karaoke and searches for a place. One of them stops and gets a snack from the street food stops. She likes it but says it is a little oily. They all share it together. They take the subway and head to a club. Kim Dao states she’s been to the clubs in Japan, but she hasn’t been in a long time. They have some fun at the club and then they sit down to have a few drinks at the bar before they head back to the club. Kim Dao and one of her friends orders the same drink. They also take some shots together.Learn more :


Take a look at Kim Dao’s vlog here .