Technology aids politicking in the 21st century

Soccer moms in a minivan will be approaching you with a MiniVAN on their cell phone. This may seem like a terrible play on words, and it is a horrible pun. Even though it is a horrible pun, it is still true. The Democratic party has started to move away from pen and paper canvassing when it is not necessary. Campaign volunteers are using a cell phone app that connects to the NGP VAN database used by the Democratic party.


The NGP VAN database contains records of who voted for Democratic party candidates in previous elections and who is most likely to do so again. Targeting voters who have voted the way the campaign volunteers would like them to have voted in the past save work and helps canvassers target people who are likely to get out to vote again. As useful as the program may be, it often over targets independent voters who may not be likely to vote the same way in any given election.

Technology is likely to play an increasing role in campaigns, and it may make it easier to get out the vote. While making it easier to get out the vote is good, there are negative aspects to using technology as well. Using cell phone technology may disproportionately impact rural voters. Rural voters do not always live in areas where cell phone data can be accessed. Some areas may have limited access at slower speeds.


This may not cause a problem for Democratic party pollsters as long as they continue to use the old-fashioned pen and paper methods where they are appropriate. The Republicans have not forgotten where most of their core voters live. Perhaps technology may be better used to solve the gerrymandering problem many people seem to have with the current system. Some people believe that gerrymandering gave the United States its current president.



MiniVan Canvassing Sets Records

On September 15, 2018, the NGP MiniVan app set a single-day record with a total of 18,421 people logging on across the country. The new single-day record was part of a broader annual increase in which 2018 has been the biggest year on record for MiniVan usage. With six weeks remaining before the mid-terms, the canvassing app had had more than 218,000 user logins. This total far exceeded the 2016 presidential election year total of 153,000.


– Canvassing Is On the Rise

NGP VAN provides support for election canvassing including the Democratic Party voter information rolls. The MiniVan mobile app has added flexibility and increased control for canvassing projects; the MiniVan promotes efficiency in canvassing, and it allows field organizers to maximize their staff effort. Importantly, canvassing provides an opportunity for voter engagement that includes gathering feedback on voter’s concerns.


Canvassing brings the human touch to politics through face-to-face contact, and person to person communication by telephone or the Internet. NGP VAN has led the way to use technology to amplify the human touch; canvassers can record and submit notes from interactions including closing the communication loop by electronically recording and reporting voter response to campaign information.

NGP VAN is part of an emerging array of technology that connects to politics in essential ways. Twitter has become a favorite platform for digital communications and streaming video appeals to audiences that do not intake information in written forms as eagerly as in visual and audio presentations.


-Small Campaigns Benefit

In an article published in Forbes Magazine, a leading political advisor discussed the impact of technology on modern campaigns. Alicia Roth Weigel is a political strategist and campaign consultant working in policy advocacy and campaign management through her company Intrepid Strategy. As a national and regional political consultant, Wiegel described the impact of the NGP VAN technology on local elections. According to Ms. Wiegel, local campaigns can use technology to get canvassing advantages that formerly only occurred in large well-financed national campaigns.


– Technology is a Two-Way Street

Ms. Wiegel joins a growing number of political experts that support the notion that technology increases contacts between campaign and voters, and vice versa. Voters can also use technology to communicate with political leaders and also to follow their progress. Technology provides a feedback loop that lets voters hold political leaders to account. The NGP VAN MiniVan demonstrates the growing importance and impact of technology on local elections.


Learn More About Producer Steve Hutensky

If you’re wondering who Steve Hutensky is, it’s no secret he’s a prominent film executive and producer. He has worked closely with many big name actors and actresses including Jude Law and Renew Zellweger. He’s been able to work on many religious film opportunities while others have been reluctant. He continues to work with many high end celebrity entertainers interested in the film community. He is proud to serve as executive of the Relatively Media network. Steven Hutensky continues to be a professional among other big name producers in the Los Angeles area. Visit his professional LinkedIn account for more details today.


Popular Steve Hutensky News


You can catch Steve Hutensky on his popular film projects like the CW crossover lineup that includes the Flash, Arrow, and the first glance of Superwoman. He will broadcast his series across 90 percent of the United States viewing area. He prides himself on being a key executive as well as a producer on several film projects. If you’ve heard the name Steve Hutensky before, it’s been from popular director’s cuts like the Ink Factory. He is also repsonsible for working alongside and directing Nicole Kidman in Human Stain produced by Robert Benton.


He continues to wok on films that give his viewers hope while others are focused on the increased popularity of violence. Steven Hutensky works closely with other big name directors on starting film projects like the the spiritual documentary WAKE UP. Hutensky has been a force to reckon with in the film and behind the scenes business industry. You can catch his CW series this fall. The crossover timeline is set to have millions of viewers glued to their television set. Catch his series of broadcast by visiting his professional LinkedIn account. You can watch a series of his films directly on the CW channel this fall.


GreenSky Credit’s App Incredibly Simple In So Many Different Ways

People are always making a ton of money off of simple ideas. Take the guy who invented the little plastic thing on your iron, for example. That plastic reinforcement that keeps the cord pointed up and away from your hot iron surface was patented by the inventor. He gets a small cut of every iron sold in the United States.

But there’s an even simpler idea that has made David Zalik more than $2.5 billion with his company GreenSky Credit. The guy is a genius but he hates the limelight. I’ve read about him on Wikipedia and in Forbes Magazine. Here’s his story.

David Zalik Did Not Graduate From High School Or College

Before founding GreenSky Credit, David Zalik was a college dropout. He was able to attend Auburn University at the age of 14 after being singled out as a math prodigy. Technically, he did not graduate high school, and he dropped out of college as soon as he found an avenue to financial success.

Beliefs And $10 Million In Loans

David Zalik took his family’s Atlanta-based property and used it as collateral for a $10 million loan to fund the founding of GreenSky Credit. He envisioned a way to connect to homeowners which are the most profitable demographic in the country. And he would connect with them using a simple smartphone app.

Super Easy To Use

The app allows you to take a picture of your drivers license to automatically upload information. All you have to do is fill out your Social Security number and check a box to allow GreenSky Credit to perform a credit check, and, just like that, you have a home improvement loan.

Everyone Is Happy

Homeowners are happy to upgrade their homes while keeping some cash in their pockets. Contractors are happy to push the app and even cut GreenSky Credit 6% of the loan amounts. And traditional banks fund the loans to take on all the liability while also cutting GreenSky Credit 1% of the spreadsheet at the end of the year.

David Zalik assumes no risk, owns only the transaction and makes billions.

A Late Night Twitter Rant by Shervin Pishevar

Many were surprised to see a 21 hour tweet storm develop late on the night of February 6, 2018 in Shervin Pishevar’s account. After he resigned from Sherpa Capital, he hadn’t posted anything since December. His tweet storm made some ominous predictions for the future of the US economy. Most of his tweets were based on the overall idea that things are going to continue to decline.

Shervin Pishevar sent a tweet that mentioned that middlemen are a big part of the problem with the economy. He feels that when they are no longer relevant, then the global economy can work in a frictionless and efficient way. This is an idea that he has expressed in the past. He has fought for a society that is more open.

In another tweet, Shervin Pishevar forecasted that Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet will fall. He mentions that these giants that are built on monopoly frameworks should fall because that is the way evolution works. He compares it to an old forest that burns down and makes room for the new trees to grow. While he doesn’t forecast good things for these giants, he did have a couple of positive predictions for smaller companies, like one that he has co-founded called Virgin Hyperloop. He says this company along with SpaceX are exceptions to the rule.

Another area where Shervin Pishevar believes there may be some expansion has to do with entrepreneurs using different methods of fundraising and digital currencies. When these smaller companies grow, they can spur the economy onward.

In his 27th tweet, he talks about Silicon Valley. He said that it was not just a physical place anymore. He believes that it is an idea that has gone viral. Being an entrepreneur is now a movement. While this does have some benefits, he feels that it is not good for domestic economic growth in the short term. Back in 2008, he mentioned that the American way became the global way. He says that talented individuals from other countries no longer need to go to the United States.

While the majority of the tweets Shervin Pishevar sent out were quite ominous, some were hopeful.

Talk Fusion – Developing Innovative Video Marketing Applications for Interactive Marketing and Communications

Talk Fusion is the name to reckon with in the world of video marketing. It is a technology company that offers a wide variety of marketing and communication applications through the use of video. The company believes in the philosophy that video marketing is the next big thing in the marketing sphere. Talk Fusion has been working successfully on developing video based products since its inception in 2007, and one of the most popular products of the company is video-based email system. In this application, the user can send a video in an email format and read full article.

It means that just like the person writes an email, the person would be able just to record a video and send it over email. Talk Fusion says that video is more descriptive in nature and can help in sending the message in a more personalized manner. Talk Fusion believes that the company who are eager to take their business’ marketing efforts to the next level can use the Talk Fusion’s applications to boost their marketing campaign. Such video based applications can make marketing unconventional, highly attractive, and more interactive and Talk Fusion’s lacrosse camp.

Talk Fusion recently launched one of the applications it has been working on for extended named Fusion on the Go. It is a video chat application that at present can be used on devices running on Android and iOS. The Fusion on the Go can be easily downloaded through the platform’s marketplaces, which are iTunes and Google Market Place. Talk Fusion has reached to the consumers in over 140 countries, and it continues to expand its business consistently with time.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 and since then has served as its CEO as well. Bob has always known the power of video marketing and feels that the companies should video marketing tools offered by Talk Fusion to increase their customer engagement and retention rate. Bob Reina believes the video is more expressive and thus, holds the attention of the target audience for longer than the plain text contained in an email. Talk Fusion continues to work on different technologies and applications to continue with their idea of building innovative video marketing applications and learn more about Talk Fusion.