GreenSky Credit’s App Incredibly Simple In So Many Different Ways

People are always making a ton of money off of simple ideas. Take the guy who invented the little plastic thing on your iron, for example. That plastic reinforcement that keeps the cord pointed up and away from your hot iron surface was patented by the inventor. He gets a small cut of every iron sold in the United States.

But there’s an even simpler idea that has made David Zalik more than $2.5 billion with his company GreenSky Credit. The guy is a genius but he hates the limelight. I’ve read about him on Wikipedia and in Forbes Magazine. Here’s his story.

David Zalik Did Not Graduate From High School Or College

Before founding GreenSky Credit, David Zalik was a college dropout. He was able to attend Auburn University at the age of 14 after being singled out as a math prodigy. Technically, he did not graduate high school, and he dropped out of college as soon as he found an avenue to financial success.

Beliefs And $10 Million In Loans

David Zalik took his family’s Atlanta-based property and used it as collateral for a $10 million loan to fund the founding of GreenSky Credit. He envisioned a way to connect to homeowners which are the most profitable demographic in the country. And he would connect with them using a simple smartphone app.

Super Easy To Use

The app allows you to take a picture of your drivers license to automatically upload information. All you have to do is fill out your Social Security number and check a box to allow GreenSky Credit to perform a credit check, and, just like that, you have a home improvement loan.

Everyone Is Happy

Homeowners are happy to upgrade their homes while keeping some cash in their pockets. Contractors are happy to push the app and even cut GreenSky Credit 6% of the loan amounts. And traditional banks fund the loans to take on all the liability while also cutting GreenSky Credit 1% of the spreadsheet at the end of the year.

David Zalik assumes no risk, owns only the transaction and makes billions.

Talk Fusion Enhances its Live Meetings Video Application

Bob Reina, CEO, and founder of Talk Fusion, recently announced the introduction of the company’s improved Live Meetings application. The new version of the software facilitates sophisticated real-time communications. Live Meetings now features the noted WebRTC technology. The implementation of WebRTC has resulted in an improved product. Live Meetings is more convenient to use because there will be no need for users to install Adobe Flash Player. WebRTC allows Live Meetings Videos to function in the user’s browser. That is not the only benefit of integrating WebRTC into the software. The picture quality will now be sharper, and the audio will be significantly enhanced as well.


Live Meetings now has a fluid user interface to its conference video feed. There is no echo, and there is a waiting room feature which allows presenters to test the quality of their broadcast before going live. The inclusion of WebRTC makes Talk Fusion the only company with a product capable of delivering video conferencing to an audience as large as 500 people with such ease. The company attributes this to their pioneering spirit in video-web technology. Being first to the marketplace with new products is essential to Talk Fusion. However, the company says that it would never sacrifice quality and reliability in doing so.


Talk Fusion began as a dream in the mind of Bob Reina more than a decade ago. To fully appreciate the company’s history though you must first know more about its founder. Mr. Reina, a graduate of the University of South Florida, where he completed a degree in criminology, was a police officer. During his time serving in the Tampa Bay Police Department, he became familiar with network marketing. He had so much success in these businesses that he was confident that he could start his own one day.


In 2004 Bob Reina wanted to send a video in an e-mail only to be informed by AOL that it was impossible. Recognizing the apparent value of being able to communicate videos via e-mail, he got together with his tech genius friend, Johnathan Chen and created what would become the company’s first product. They called it Video E-mail. Thus Talk Fusion was launched three years later in 2007. Since then the company has steadily rolled out new products to its worldwide network of thousands of independent marketers, now in over 140 countries. Talk Fusions products have caught on with businesses because as Mr. Reina says, it is more impactful to view a video than to read a sales letter. That is what makes video messaging a preferred medium over the World Wide Web in promoting any business. Learn more: