Impacting Lives in a Positive Way

Betsy DeVos along with her husband created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 that was set to focus on education and the arts. In the past few years, Betsy has been very active in educational reformation through politics and has seen much success through her efforts. Through the power of vouchers and other financial assistance programs like tax credits and educational savings accounts, she has made getting a private education possible for students in a tough financial situation. Read more about her philanthropy at

Through her involvement with the American Federation for Children, she has seen tremendous success in educational choice and reformation in states like Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana. 250,000 kids in 17 states have been affected through just 33 programs. In Indiana alone, 10,000 new students have benefited from a voucher program passed by their legislation. Overall, Betsy has been involved with many of the programs that these states have created that millions of students have benefited from. In Michigan in particular, she has become very supportive of charter schools. Her volunteer work at Potters House, a charter school in Grand Rapids, is what sparked her journey for educational choice. Betsy saw the potential of many young, bright students and wanted to make a difference. As a result, she and her husband Dick created a charter school called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school allows students to get real-world experience that equips them for future careers in aviation. Her foundation provides scholarships for low-income families. Through these scholarships, kids are able to continue their educational journey though the opportunities that these scholarships provide.

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Overall, Betsy Devos is moving American education in a positive direction. Her passion on the issue has touched the lives of millions both on a local and national reach. Her work has allowed families to put their children in the best educational setting possible, giving them the opportunity to reach their potential. Betsy DeVos isn’t just a leader but a transformer. This holds true through all of her volunteer work. To this day, she still visits Potters House to make a positive impact on the lives of others. It just goes to show that a little positivity toward something you are truly passionate about can go a long way in someone elses life.

End Citizens United to Back Senator Whitehouse in the 2018 Elections

End Citizens United PAC has officially said that it is going to support U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse in his 2018 reelection campaign. End Citizens United has referred to the senator as an advocate of campaign-finance changes. The PAC provides financial support to those against Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. The ruling increased the amount corporations can finance politicians and their parties.


Senator Whitehouse is on record opposing the decision of the Supreme Court and has occasionally asked for more transparency in political contributions and spending. In 2017, he wrote a book based on this subject called “Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy.” Recently, Senator Whitehouse has disputed the large amount of “dark money” used in the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.


End Citizens United has said that in the first quarter of this year, it has received over $4 million from its members and supporters. Coventry State Representative Robert Nardillilo is battling it out with Robert Flanders, a one-time state Supreme Court Justice to determine who will clinch the Republican ticket to face Senator Whitehouse.


End Citizens United raises $4 million and plans to raise $35 million for the 2018 midterms


End Citizens United has recently been able to raise a lot of money on its own. Apart from the $4 million raised in the first quarter, the organization hopes to raise over $35 million to be used in the 2018 midterm Congress elections. This is a significant increase compared to the $26 million that was raised during the American presidential elections in 2016.


Tiffany Muller, the organization’s president and executive director, said that 40,000 of the 100,000 people that contributed did it for the first time. The leader of the organization further stressed that their main aim was to elect people who advocate for campaign-finance reforms in Congress. Muller further revealed that the average contribution was $12. The maximum that an individual donor can give the group is $5,000.


She said donors felt that those with more money have taken the system away from them. End Citizens United has come to counter this and reclaim the system. She added that the Democrats are unhappy about President Trump’s win and are ready to counter his agenda and appointments, especially that of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.


Recently, the committee played a significant role in raising money to finance the election of Jon Ossoff of Democratic Party in Georgia. Ossoff, 30, is a first-time candidate and has been able to raise over $4 million. Muller added that the group is looking at the races it will actively participate in come 2018. The key races it has already identified are the reelection of Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and that of his Montana counterpart Jon Tester both of the Democratic Party.


George Soros Gets Back to the Political Realm

After the 2004 Presidential elections, George Soros dialed back his political giving. However, during the 2016 elections, George contributed $25 million in support of Presidential aspirant Hilary Clinton.

In 2004, George spent $27 million in a bid to defeat former President George W. Bush. After George had won the Presidential elections, Soros decided to dial down his contributions. George Soros is a liberal and an avid supporter of the Democratic Party. It was, therefore, not a surprise for him to support the Democrats.

It was his long term friendship with Hilary Clinton that influenced George’s decision to support her Presidential campaign. The other reason was his fear of having Donald Trump become the president. Trump’s ideologies don’t align with George’s ideologies and values, and that is why he spent a significant amount of money to defeat him.

Even though the strategy was great, the Democratic Party lost the Presidential elections. The loss was a blow to George Soros and the Democratic Party. However, Soros didn’t take the results lying down, after the elections, he gathered the liberals to strategize on how to take back the power.

The liberals gathered for a three-day conference to re-strategize on how they were going to fight back. The team had one agenda; to discuss how they were going to thwart Donald Trump’s plans.

President Donald Trump’s administration is still going strong. Even with that, George Soros and the Liberals have not stopped their actions to defeat President Trump. Read more at Washington Times about George Soros.

More about George Soros

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary. He immigrated to London in 1947 to pursue his education. George attended the London School of Economics and graduated with a Bachelor in Philosophy and later Master in Philosophy.

After graduating George didn’t secure a job immediately and therefore, he ended up becoming a sales person. His quest to get a better job didn’t stop as he kept writing letters to all the Merchant Banks. It took time, but George finally secured a job in one of the Merchant Banks in London.

George relocated to New York in 1956 to join the F.M Mayer. Soros worked as an arbitrage trader, a position that proved to be vital for his career. While working at the F.M Mayer, George took a keen interest in European Stocks. He invested in the stocks and during the Black Wednesday, George received his payout.

George founded the Soros Fund, later renamed to Quantum Mechanics in 1970. Since its inception, George has been on an upward motion of success. George is worth $25.2 million and is the 23rd richest billionaire.


Soros began his philanthropy work in 1979. He supported the black students pursuing their education at the Cape Town University.

Through the Open Society Foundations, George supports the civil societies across the world. The Foundation also seeks to support education, justice, and public health.

As an immigrant, Soros has developed a soft spot for the migrants and refugees, especially from Europe. He founded an organization that will support the companies owned or operated by refugees and the migrants.

The Functions of End Citizens United

End Citizens United was funded by the grassroots donors. It was founded in March 2015. It is a political action committee. This committee shows candidates, officials, press, and the voters at the grassroots that are battling with the force of the increasing shamelessness of billionaires who try to buy the elections. End Citizens United hopes to create a wide coalition that will work towards reforms in campaign finance and also put pressure on the lawmakers to take action. The mission of End Citizens United is to fight back big money in politics and to dismantle the rigged political system through the election of campaign champions in finance reforms.


The champions elected by End Citizens United tirelessly work hard to overturn Citizens United, end dark money, and also bring unlimited money in our politics to an end. The committee seeks to make the issue of money in politics a national priority. End Citizens United supports Democrats in the main races who favor their campaign finance system. The committee also stands up for candidates who face attacks by mega-donors and corporate special interests. The End Citizens United works with Democrats because they lead the battle against the Citizens United. There can be a meaningful change in their leadership.


Candidates are required by the End Citizens United to complete a questionnaire regarding their political stand and what they advocate for in order to determine the candidates to endorse. End Citizens United works in conjunction with a team of Democratic operatives who are veterans. The veterans help them to get their message out. The board of directors at End Citizens United is made up of top leaders who commit themselves to assist in changing Citizens United. They also help in the election of Democratic champions in order to help in fighting big money in politics. End Citizens United seeks to restore power to the ordinary Americans.


End United Citizens have acquired massive support from the American citizens since its inception. The committee has also gained a huge following of Democrats who hugely support their mission and goals. Elections have faced corruption and injustice due to the influence of big money in the American politics. This is what End United Citizens aims to correct. The political committee has been very active during the last elections. It has been able to succeed in their fight. End Citizens United raises funds from the ordinary people to support their campaigns. They have raised approximately $4 million so far. They hope to raise about $35 that will make sure they achieve their target. The End Citizens United has contributed a lot to the American politics since it was founded. The Committee has an ultimate goal of ensuring that politics in America is free from big money and it is fair to all.