OSI Group Surpassing Ordinary American Dreams

Love is a rare thing and true friendship even more unique. It was love or friendship and probably both that the OSI Group shares with the McDonald food stores that led both companies’ forces in the food industry. Today, America mulls on the idea of closing its borders to immigrants. It is a tough call made even tougher by the success stories of immigrants who made America great. A man from Germany came to America chasing the American dream with only a butcher’s knife and made it big. This small-time butchery owner is responsible for the early beginnings of the OSI group. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

When opportunity and right timing present themselves, exploiting them to full potential requires a special kind of talent. The sons of Otto the butcher did what most young men with inheritance wouldn’t do. They grew the small business entrusted into their care by their father tenfold placing it on the world map. Today, that small struggling but dreaming business is OSI Group, and meat products continue to be their stronghold.

Feeding the hungry and the environment

Sustainability is a vocabulary that fails to exist in most companies. OSI Group realized long ago that the situation comes before the meat and not vice versa. OSI knows it has a future to protect and what better way to do it than through protecting the environment that will feed its future. The company is dedicated to sustainable food production and reducing the environmental footprint, something that other companies would love considering as another person’s job. OSI cleans up after themselves, and for this reason, they raise the bar for other companies to emulate. Their technology is top notch and environmentally friendly, and so is their product in the quest to save the planet.

More on OSI Group

It is an international company operating in seventeen countries. It is a testament of a fulfilled American dream that continues to prove that small businesses can become giants. It is an award-winning company when it comes to managing the environment, providing a healthy and safe workplace for its employees and producing quality meat. It has previously featured on the Forbes List of largest private companies. It has 65 processing plants to its name and a certified food company dedicated to bringing only the best. Nothing can stop this company that was once just a small community meat provider. Sheldon Lavin heads it and steered by over 20,000 employees that report to work daily chasing dreams, fulfilling some, earning a living and bettering their skills.