Rocketship Education Are Helping Parents Be A Bigger Part Of The Educational System

There is no more important time in a students education than the elementary years, from kindergarten to fifth grade. This is where Rocketship Education specializes today, with various school,s opened up throughout California that teaches grades K-5. Rocketship Education is trying to do something that virtually no other schooling system is, which creates a personalized learning experience for their students. While there are other schools that do this, none of them do it for the public and will not allow just any students to participate. Schools like these are typically expensive or in wealthy communities.

Rocketship Education is open to all students throughout the community and provides a high-quality educational experience to help students improve and have an opportunity for a better future. The majority of Rocketship’s students come from low-income families throughout the community today, from all different backgrounds. They do not limit the learning experience to anyone. In fact, Rocketship Education provides all Rocketeers with a personalized learning system to help them grow and learn at even faster rates their public school counterparts.

Rocketship Education prides themselves on bringing parents into the mix with their child’s learning. This improves all aspects of learning for students, within the schooling environment and at home as well. Since Rocketship Education only teaches in grades K-5, it will be parents that need to advocate for high-quality learning for their students above that grade level, and Rocketship Education is helping parents do just that with their leadership program. Thanks to combined efforts between Rocketship and various parents in the past, new schools have been opened to better schools within the districts that really need them. The likelihood that student’s push for higher education for themselves is very low, at least until the college level, which means it will be up to the parents to help push for better education around the country for all students.