OSI Food Solutions And The Decision To Buy Baho Foods

Baho Food was purchased by OSI Food Solutions. This was a very good deal because it helps OSI expand more. Plus, it adds the necessary jobs to continue its goal of processing the best quality meats that it is known for. If you are wanting to use OSI Food Solutions for your restaurant supplier for meat, consider this company. You can not go wrong with them as they are one of the dominant food sources in the global market today.

OSI Food Solutions has decided to keep the managing director John Balvers on board because he wanted to be apart of the vision that OSI had for his company. With his support and knowledge of Baho Food, he was able to help make the merger as smooth as possible. This company needed OSI to help them out and that is a reason why they are able to thrive under the company’s wings. What started out as just a small retail meat market has now bought out several food companies and it has made those expansions successful. They are still the top meat supplier for McDonalds, which is the company that helped to propel them into the global arena today. OSI cares about its customers and employees so they make sure to take care of each. It is not only one of the best companies to work for, they are also the best supplier to get your meat from.

OSI Food Solutions has been rated in America’s top 100 categories of food suppliers. That is not surprising with all the rave reviews that they have gotten about their meats. Fresh meat has always been the top priority ever since the company got its start in Chicago by a German immigrant. Being a butcher shop from the start and then expanding into wholesale has made this company what it is today. Hard work is another factor in OSI being so successful. If you need to have your meat supplied to you by a company, OSI Food Solutions is the one you want to turn too. You won’t regret it.

Learn more about OSI Food Solutions: http://www.osieurope.com/en.html