Herbalife: Expanding Creativity

The company Herbalife is holding a back to school design challenge. The company is teaming up with the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, otherwise known as FIDM, to allow a few more than fifteen lucky students the opportunity to design activewear that is reflective of a healthy and active lifestyle. The clothes that the students will be designing must be inclusive of colors, production, fabric, and sourcing strategy, to the Herbalife Nutrition team and FIDM staff. The final step in the process lets the students explain to Herbalife the way that they would go about marketing the merchandise as a cohesive line.

Rich Goudis, who is the CEO of Herbalife stated that because of the school’s commitment to the same ideologies as the company, this makes them an exciting partner in this project. This year also marks the twenty-sixth year that the school has partnered with a global brand to create a design challenge for their students. Herbalife has also teamed up with Nike, which as stated by the vice president of FIDM, Barbara Bundy, “… who have educated and challenged our students in new and inspiring ways…” She also goes on to say that she is excited to work with them to create clothing that encourages people to live healthy daily lives.

The company Herbalife, has a long history of making products that help people become more healthy and happy with themselves in their daily lives. The founder of the company which is based in Los Angles, California, Mark Hughes, started the company with the inspiration to help everyone to change the nutritional habits of the world. He was inspired by his mother, who passed away too soon because she was thought to have an eating disorder and unhealthy ways of trying to lose weight. He first started selling his formula out of the trunk of his car, bt was determined to keep going and growing his ideas for healthy weight loss. This idealism worked, and in 1988, the company was expanding to Japan, Spain, Israel, New Zealand, and Mexico.

The company is based around the making of weight-loss and protein shakes. The original formula of the shakes was a Formula 1 protein shake, which was a soy-based meal-replacement shake. Now, however, they have expanded their reach into teas, aloes, vitamins, and protein bars.





Learn More About Producer Steve Hutensky

If you’re wondering who Steve Hutensky is, it’s no secret he’s a prominent film executive and producer. He has worked closely with many big name actors and actresses including Jude Law and Renew Zellweger. He’s been able to work on many religious film opportunities while others have been reluctant. He continues to work with many high end celebrity entertainers interested in the film community. He is proud to serve as executive of the Relatively Media network. Steven Hutensky continues to be a professional among other big name producers in the Los Angeles area. Visit his professional LinkedIn account for more details today.


Popular Steve Hutensky News


You can catch Steve Hutensky on his popular film projects like the CW crossover lineup that includes the Flash, Arrow, and the first glance of Superwoman. He will broadcast his series across 90 percent of the United States viewing area. He prides himself on being a key executive as well as a producer on several film projects. If you’ve heard the name Steve Hutensky before, it’s been from popular director’s cuts like the Ink Factory. He is also repsonsible for working alongside and directing Nicole Kidman in Human Stain produced by Robert Benton.


He continues to wok on films that give his viewers hope while others are focused on the increased popularity of violence. Steven Hutensky works closely with other big name directors on starting film projects like the the spiritual documentary WAKE UP. Hutensky has been a force to reckon with in the film and behind the scenes business industry. You can catch his CW series this fall. The crossover timeline is set to have millions of viewers glued to their television set. Catch his series of broadcast by visiting his professional LinkedIn account. You can watch a series of his films directly on the CW channel this fall.


How Fabletics Beats Many Other Types of Fashion

For people that are into fashion, it is a large world that they take on. Therefore, it is important that they know what to look for. They start learning about many different things that are related to fashion. Among the things they hear about is fast fashion, slow fashion, high fashion, cheap fashion, department stores and the like. However, they often find disadvantages to each of them. This is especially true when it comes to fast fashion. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome each disadvantage. However, a lot of people may not have time to deal with each disadvantage of each form of fashion.


For those people that do not have that much time to deal with all of the disadvantages of the different types of fashion, there is Fabletics. Fabletics is actually one store that women should get involved with. Otherwise, they would be doing themselves a disservice. They have a lot of items that are very stylish and unique. These items will also save them a lot of money. Therefore, they will be able to enjoy the items for a long time and not feel bad about spending money on these items. For one thing, Fabletics has taken the time to address all of the important issues in fashion.


One of the issues that Fabletics has addressed is the sustainability and the ethical nature of fashion. This is something that fast fashion fails at. For one thing, they try so hard to sell clothing at a low price that they outsource their labor to some of the cheapest forms of labor. However, these labor warehouses in other countries tend to be very hazardous when it comes to the environment. Also, the clothes that are made are in such low quality that it can fall apart after just a few wears. One of the complaints about fast fashion is that these clothes are only made to last a season.


Fabletics understands these issues and has always had a desire to create inexpensive clothing that can last a lot longer than a season. For one thing, there are some clothes that people like. Not all clothes are going to be available for a long time. Therefore, it is important for people to make sure that they have the items that they can enjoy in the best possible condition so that they will be able to enjoy it for a long time to come. The attention that Fabletics pays to the issues that surround fashion is what puts it miles ahead of other forms of fashion.

Kim Kao explores South Korea With Her Friends

Kim Dao is in South Korea and has just met up with other people that makes videos on Youtube (http://socialblade.com/youtube/user/kimdao). Kim Dao thinks that it is really cool to meet a lot of new people. Kim Dao and a few other people have some drinks and explore the area. They also have lunch together. They want to go to a makeup store called Laboratories of Nature but they are doing some filming inside so they aren’t allowed to go in. They decide to go somewhere else and possibly go back later. They have a look at a variety of hair brushes. They go on to do more window shopping and stop in the makeup section. They ask the store’s associate about a particular product.Learn more : http://www.kimdaoblog.com/search/label/makeup


They are interested in doing Karaoke and searches for a place. One of them stops and gets a snack from the street food stops. She likes it but says it is a little oily. They all share it together. They take the subway and head to a club. Kim Dao states she’s been to the clubs in Japan, but she hasn’t been in a long time. They have some fun at the club and then they sit down to have a few drinks at the bar before they head back to the club. Kim Dao and one of her friends orders the same drink. They also take some shots together.Learn more : http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/


Take a look at Kim Dao’s vlog here .


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Takes Over Amazon

With more than 5 million members, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been growing steadily, achieving about $250 million business in the past three years. With their unique subscription strategy, Fabletics have been expanding their active wear movement. To sell their apparels, they tend to aspire the customers to push them towards the membership.


Fabletics is one of the most popular active wear brands by the popular actress Kate Hudson, which is not merely a brand, but a movement, to encourage a woman to pursue her dreams.


Earlier, a reputed brand was defined by wallet-friendly price rates, the quality of their services and goods. At present, there has been a noticeable shift in the paradigm, which made it clear that the above-mentioned combination is no longer effective in the highly competitive market. In order to achieve guaranteed success, the business owners must provide personalized services and conveniences to the customers. Thus, brands like Fabletics are paying more attention towards last minute service, exclusive collection, and customer experience and increasing the brand visibility, so as to win the appreciation of the high valued clients.


Much like Apple or Warby Parker, the unique strategy of Fabletics have been allowing them to expand their retail outlets, thereby adding on to their present stores in Florida, Hawaii, California, Illinois, etc. According to the general manager of Fabletics, the key factor which has been contributing towards their tremendous success is their personalized service and the unique membership model. Throgmartin further added that they have been striving hard to offer the members on-trend fashion at relatively low rates.


Instead of following the models of the traditional outlets, Fabletics have created their unique strategy which enables them to focus more on relationship building with the clients. This is very crucial to understand and study the consumer behavior and expectations, before launching a new product as well as to obtain their valuable feedbacks after the product launching. Moreover, a closer analysis of the local markets also places them in an advantageous position than the other brands; and the majority of customers who walk into the retail outlets are already members of Fabletics and the rest are likely to be converted into members, within the stores. Even if a customer does not intend to make a purchase from the retail outlet at that particular moment and is simply browsing through it or trying it out, the chances are that they might buy it later online. This clearly explains why Fabletics pays little heed towards the fact, whether the customers are making a purchase or simply browsing through the products. The retail outlets thus are simply considered to be one amongst the multiple vehicles of the service by Fabletics.


Since they are already aware of the target customers, it is much easier for Fabletics to identify their expectations and to comply with them, and thereby improve the brand value dramatically. While the majority of retail store owners are suffering from the problem of browsing rather than actual purchasing, Fabletics have been reaping the maximum benefits from the reverse showroom model, which makes it easier for them to achieve exceptional success.