Betsy DeVos Is In The News Almost As Much As Donald Trump

Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos knows she is riding on the coattails of one of the most controversial president’s in political history. Her Secretary of Education nomination didn’t go as well as expected. Vice President Pence had to break the tie, so she could start her plan to overhaul the public school system. Betsy has considerable experience turning public schools into charter schools in Michigan. Some Michiganites applaud her tenacity, and her desire to bring religion into her charter school program. But those people are in the minority.



Betsy doesn’t care what her political enemies say about her. She has Trump’s blessing. She is one of the cabinet members that pays her own way. And Trump likes people that pay their own way as well as disrupt the status quo.



Betsy is one of those people who shoots first in the political arena. Then she half-heartedly attempts to answer questions about her political marksmanship. Her question answering skills are not as on point as her ability to turn teacher unions against her.



DeVos isn’t a popular education secretary, but she is popular with the news media. Betsy gives the media the ammunition they need to show the country she is in over her head. In fact, there’s a petition circulating on the Internet that is pushing for her resignation. The people who sign the petition want LeBron James to replace her. Yep. The basketball great is a big public school supporter. His foundation recently funded a public school that focuses on teaching at-risk children in Akron, Ohio. More than 12,000 people signed the petition so far. Public education advocates say James is the man who can turn the education system around.



But James is a Trump critic, and a charter school opponent, so Betsy will continue to unravel the education system. She will continue to build a for-profit charter public school system with a hint of religious fanaticism in its DNA. Attorney Jeff Sessions is doing his part in the Justice Department to make America a Christian state, and DeVos is quietly helping him achieve that goal.



The media will continue to cover every move DeVos makes as she brings back for-profit colleges, and stomps on teachers who are against her plan to reinvent the education system. Betsy has what it takes. She is misunderstood, hated, and ostracized. She had a lot of practice in Michigan, and her ineptness is now front and center for the country to see and experience.


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Impacting Lives in a Positive Way

Betsy DeVos along with her husband created the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 that was set to focus on education and the arts. In the past few years, Betsy has been very active in educational reformation through politics and has seen much success through her efforts. Through the power of vouchers and other financial assistance programs like tax credits and educational savings accounts, she has made getting a private education possible for students in a tough financial situation. Read more about her philanthropy at

Through her involvement with the American Federation for Children, she has seen tremendous success in educational choice and reformation in states like Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana. 250,000 kids in 17 states have been affected through just 33 programs. In Indiana alone, 10,000 new students have benefited from a voucher program passed by their legislation. Overall, Betsy has been involved with many of the programs that these states have created that millions of students have benefited from. In Michigan in particular, she has become very supportive of charter schools. Her volunteer work at Potters House, a charter school in Grand Rapids, is what sparked her journey for educational choice. Betsy saw the potential of many young, bright students and wanted to make a difference. As a result, she and her husband Dick created a charter school called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This school allows students to get real-world experience that equips them for future careers in aviation. Her foundation provides scholarships for low-income families. Through these scholarships, kids are able to continue their educational journey though the opportunities that these scholarships provide.

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Overall, Betsy Devos is moving American education in a positive direction. Her passion on the issue has touched the lives of millions both on a local and national reach. Her work has allowed families to put their children in the best educational setting possible, giving them the opportunity to reach their potential. Betsy DeVos isn’t just a leader but a transformer. This holds true through all of her volunteer work. To this day, she still visits Potters House to make a positive impact on the lives of others. It just goes to show that a little positivity toward something you are truly passionate about can go a long way in someone elses life.