ClassDojo Gets Connected to Instagram Environment

The ClassDojo platform is constantly being improved. This most recent updates connect people that are fans of the ClassDojo to Instagram updates. For all the parents that believe that a picture is worth a thousand words there is no better connection to the classroom than through ClassDojo and Instagram. As the new school year begins more parents that want to get a better sense of what is happening in the classroom need only look to ClassDojo. It is the definitive communication platform that is designed help creative a positive culture of learning experiences.

Parents are truly falling in love with ClassDojo because they know that it gives them the chance to communicate with the teachers. It is the portal that leads to higher performance and greater participation from students in the classrooms. It has been stated just recently that ClassDojo is more popular than Facebook and Gmail in the Apple Store. It is the top education app for Apple device users, and the Instagram connection has increased the appeal of this app.

A global connection for ClassDojo has made it one of the more popular apps for facilitating a deeper connection to fun classroom experiences. There is more involvement from the parents because they there is so much more social media involvement. ClassDojo makes life easier for everyone that is trying to establish a connection to make sure that their kids are reaching their full potential.

There are a large number of people that are interested in making sure that their kids are keeping up with the assignments. Parents that already have a full day of work may not know what they need to do in order to keep up with the work load that their children have. When they can get connected with the teachers, they have a better grasp of the classroom curriculum.

The classroom is becoming much more involved with technology these days. It makes sense to incorporate Instagram into this environment. Many parents already have Instagram accounts so it takes perfect sense to create a connection from ClassDojo that reaches out to these parents that want video and classroom photos.

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