Women in the workforce and IC System

In the modern business landscape, companies take pride in having a diverse workforce. Women have been acquiring positions of power all throughout the world, and IC System has been pioneer of this practice. They recently had their certificate from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) renewed. In a recent article on the website Positive the Facts, IC System discusses how women have shaped the company over the years.


The WBENC is a widely recognized organization, and their certification holds real value on the national stage. They are leading the cause for women representation in the workforce, and recognize any companies that reaches 51% or higher in women influence in daily operations. IC System was built from the ground up by a women named Ruth Erickson. She personally went door to door of businesses looking for clients. Ultimately, Ruth Erickson made a huge technological investment for the company. She was one of the first to learn how computers could streamline the work process, while increasing business with her innovative idea of company referrals.


As a family owned organization, IC System still finds itself thriving even to this day. They have won countless awards, and the recent WBENC renewal is a affirmation of their commit to empowering women in the workforce. The company prides itself on having women outside of the family in key positions across high level positions. They fully believe a diverse workplace gives a company an edge in the modern business landscape.


IC System is celebrating 80 years as a company, and its legacy of women in the business industry. They are a company rooted in moral values, high work ethic, and a belief in diversity. The connections the company has made over the years are what gave it national recognition. IC System remains poised to stay strong for the foreseeable future. The fight to show the value of women in the workforce never ends.

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