TeenSafe Here to Protect and Regulate!

As parents, we often question the safety of our children when they are away from us. From when they were just learning how to walk up until–well, until we die. Of course, we know we can not hover over them their entire lives to ensure their protection. But we can certainly minimize the danger they could be unconsciously getting themselves into. However; that is our job–right? And just like TeenSafe, we foresee trouble and put a stop to it before it could harm our child. We placed a pillow-made border around them as babies when they were just learning how to sit up, we tightened the training wheels on the bikes, strapped of safety gear and watched out for every car when they first learned how to ride bikes, and we even made them put their seat belts on before we pulled out of a driveway. We did our job. Now that our kids are teenagers with licenses, TeenSafe is here to make our job even easier while they experience the real world away from us.


Technology has become an essential part to the new generation. There are good things about it and just like anything else, there’s parts about it that could put us at risk. So, why not use it to be beneficial to us all and keep us safe? A new driving service presented by TeenSafe to protect our children on the road, Focus by TeenDrive. This is a device that blocks all forms of communication on the teen driver’s cellular device while the vehicle is in the process of transportation. Emergency calls will be allowed–however; the driver will be required to pull to the side of the road before answering a phone call.


Not only will this device be used as a form of protection, but it will also teach your new teen driver safety and responsibility while operating a motor vehicle. We taught our children how to fly, now it is their turn to soar on their own. They will learn while TeenSafe is there to remind them of safety on the road.


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