Herbalife: Expanding Creativity

The company Herbalife is holding a back to school design challenge. The company is teaming up with the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, otherwise known as FIDM, to allow a few more than fifteen lucky students the opportunity to design activewear that is reflective of a healthy and active lifestyle. The clothes that the students will be designing must be inclusive of colors, production, fabric, and sourcing strategy, to the Herbalife Nutrition team and FIDM staff. The final step in the process lets the students explain to Herbalife the way that they would go about marketing the merchandise as a cohesive line.

Rich Goudis, who is the CEO of Herbalife stated that because of the school’s commitment to the same ideologies as the company, this makes them an exciting partner in this project. This year also marks the twenty-sixth year that the school has partnered with a global brand to create a design challenge for their students. Herbalife has also teamed up with Nike, which as stated by the vice president of FIDM, Barbara Bundy, “… who have educated and challenged our students in new and inspiring ways…” She also goes on to say that she is excited to work with them to create clothing that encourages people to live healthy daily lives.

The company Herbalife, has a long history of making products that help people become more healthy and happy with themselves in their daily lives. The founder of the company which is based in Los Angles, California, Mark Hughes, started the company with the inspiration to help everyone to change the nutritional habits of the world. He was inspired by his mother, who passed away too soon because she was thought to have an eating disorder and unhealthy ways of trying to lose weight. He first started selling his formula out of the trunk of his car, bt was determined to keep going and growing his ideas for healthy weight loss. This idealism worked, and in 1988, the company was expanding to Japan, Spain, Israel, New Zealand, and Mexico.

The company is based around the making of weight-loss and protein shakes. The original formula of the shakes was a Formula 1 protein shake, which was a soy-based meal-replacement shake. Now, however, they have expanded their reach into teas, aloes, vitamins, and protein bars.





The Rise of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

A respected member of the medical community, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been changing lives for many years. He is currently approved by various licensing boards to offer expertise. These agencies include major groups like The American Board of Emergency Medicine and the LA State Medical Board. Dr. Forsthoefel has become known for specializing in emergency medicine. His specialties include fractures, cardiac distress, and other acute illnesses.

Dr. Forsthoefel is a native of Tallahassee, Florida. He earned his degree from the University of Louisville, school of medicine in 2009. After graduation he would move on to Louisiana State University for his residency in emergency medicine. Forsthoefel soon began working in emergency medicine. This is a complex and dynamic world that is constantly changing. Forsthoefel now has nearly a decade of experience working in this challenging field. Forsthoefel has become an expert at assessing and responding to patients in emergency situations.

Despite the challenges of working in the emergency world, Dr. Forsthoefel has received solid reviews for his work. It is often very difficult for ER doctors to receive reviews as their patients are not regular patients and they usually are in an out of the hospital in a short time. Despite this challenge many of the patients who have visited Dr. Forsthoefel have documented their pleasure in his service. Dr. Forsthoefel has received very high marks in areas such as knowledge, punctuality, and helpfulness.

Patients have noted his client first approach and how he seems to take his time with all his patients. Furthermore he listens to them describe their problems in detail and takes time to thoroughly understand their background.

Well educated and with lots of experience, Dr. Forsthoefel has become a leader in the emergency care world. He is an excellent example for others and appears destined for continued success for many years to come.


OSI Group Surpassing Ordinary American Dreams

Love is a rare thing and true friendship even more unique. It was love or friendship and probably both that the OSI Group shares with the McDonald food stores that led both companies’ forces in the food industry. Today, America mulls on the idea of closing its borders to immigrants. It is a tough call made even tougher by the success stories of immigrants who made America great. A man from Germany came to America chasing the American dream with only a butcher’s knife and made it big. This small-time butchery owner is responsible for the early beginnings of the OSI group. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

When opportunity and right timing present themselves, exploiting them to full potential requires a special kind of talent. The sons of Otto the butcher did what most young men with inheritance wouldn’t do. They grew the small business entrusted into their care by their father tenfold placing it on the world map. Today, that small struggling but dreaming business is OSI Group, and meat products continue to be their stronghold.

Feeding the hungry and the environment

Sustainability is a vocabulary that fails to exist in most companies. OSI Group realized long ago that the situation comes before the meat and not vice versa. OSI knows it has a future to protect and what better way to do it than through protecting the environment that will feed its future. The company is dedicated to sustainable food production and reducing the environmental footprint, something that other companies would love considering as another person’s job. OSI cleans up after themselves, and for this reason, they raise the bar for other companies to emulate. Their technology is top notch and environmentally friendly, and so is their product in the quest to save the planet.

More on OSI Group

It is an international company operating in seventeen countries. It is a testament of a fulfilled American dream that continues to prove that small businesses can become giants. It is an award-winning company when it comes to managing the environment, providing a healthy and safe workplace for its employees and producing quality meat. It has previously featured on the Forbes List of largest private companies. It has 65 processing plants to its name and a certified food company dedicated to bringing only the best. Nothing can stop this company that was once just a small community meat provider. Sheldon Lavin heads it and steered by over 20,000 employees that report to work daily chasing dreams, fulfilling some, earning a living and bettering their skills.

Custom Companies Shipping Industry

The transportation industry is going through multiple changes. As oil prices increase, more people are looking for alternative shipping methods. Custom Companies is a shipping company in the Chicago area. Over the past few years, it has become much more difficult for the company to earn a profit.


The primary driver behind shipping costs is the price of oil. In 2015, the cost of fuel reached a multi-year low. Transportation companies were making record profits, and everything seemed to be great for the foreseeable future. However, a driver shortage started impacting the industry in 2016. To make things worse, additional government regulations have made it more expensive to ship products around the country.


Government Regulations


In the past decade, dozens of new regulations have impacted shipping companies. Companies now have to spend more time and money complying with these rules than ever before. Although some controls help protect workers, other laws only add expenses to transportation companies.


Drivers are not allowed to work as many hours as before. Combined with the driver shortage, this issue has been complicated for companies to solve. Some companies now offer large bonuses for new drivers.


The Growth of Custom Companies


Despite all of the issues in the industry, Custom Companies has expanded in recent years. The company is in a robust financial position. Unlike most trucking companies, Custom Companies does not have a ton of debt on the balance sheet. Many industry analysts believe that Custom Companies could purchase a competitor in the coming years.


Although Custom Companies has plenty of business around Chicago, the company has fewer customers in other parts of the country. The CEO of Custom Companies wants to expand operations to include states like Michigan and Wisconsin. Acquiring a smaller company would be an excellent way for Custom Companies to achieve this goal.


Women in the workforce and IC System

In the modern business landscape, companies take pride in having a diverse workforce. Women have been acquiring positions of power all throughout the world, and IC System has been pioneer of this practice. They recently had their certificate from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) renewed. In a recent article on the website Positive the Facts, IC System discusses how women have shaped the company over the years.


The WBENC is a widely recognized organization, and their certification holds real value on the national stage. They are leading the cause for women representation in the workforce, and recognize any companies that reaches 51% or higher in women influence in daily operations. IC System was built from the ground up by a women named Ruth Erickson. She personally went door to door of businesses looking for clients. Ultimately, Ruth Erickson made a huge technological investment for the company. She was one of the first to learn how computers could streamline the work process, while increasing business with her innovative idea of company referrals.


As a family owned organization, IC System still finds itself thriving even to this day. They have won countless awards, and the recent WBENC renewal is a affirmation of their commit to empowering women in the workforce. The company prides itself on having women outside of the family in key positions across high level positions. They fully believe a diverse workplace gives a company an edge in the modern business landscape.


IC System is celebrating 80 years as a company, and its legacy of women in the business industry. They are a company rooted in moral values, high work ethic, and a belief in diversity. The connections the company has made over the years are what gave it national recognition. IC System remains poised to stay strong for the foreseeable future. The fight to show the value of women in the workforce never ends.

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TeenSafe Here to Protect and Regulate!

As parents, we often question the safety of our children when they are away from us. From when they were just learning how to walk up until–well, until we die. Of course, we know we can not hover over them their entire lives to ensure their protection. But we can certainly minimize the danger they could be unconsciously getting themselves into. However; that is our job–right? And just like TeenSafe, we foresee trouble and put a stop to it before it could harm our child. We placed a pillow-made border around them as babies when they were just learning how to sit up, we tightened the training wheels on the bikes, strapped of safety gear and watched out for every car when they first learned how to ride bikes, and we even made them put their seat belts on before we pulled out of a driveway. We did our job. Now that our kids are teenagers with licenses, TeenSafe is here to make our job even easier while they experience the real world away from us.


Technology has become an essential part to the new generation. There are good things about it and just like anything else, there’s parts about it that could put us at risk. So, why not use it to be beneficial to us all and keep us safe? A new driving service presented by TeenSafe to protect our children on the road, Focus by TeenDrive. This is a device that blocks all forms of communication on the teen driver’s cellular device while the vehicle is in the process of transportation. Emergency calls will be allowed–however; the driver will be required to pull to the side of the road before answering a phone call.


Not only will this device be used as a form of protection, but it will also teach your new teen driver safety and responsibility while operating a motor vehicle. We taught our children how to fly, now it is their turn to soar on their own. They will learn while TeenSafe is there to remind them of safety on the road.


Learn More About Producer Steve Hutensky

If you’re wondering who Steve Hutensky is, it’s no secret he’s a prominent film executive and producer. He has worked closely with many big name actors and actresses including Jude Law and Renew Zellweger. He’s been able to work on many religious film opportunities while others have been reluctant. He continues to work with many high end celebrity entertainers interested in the film community. He is proud to serve as executive of the Relatively Media network. Steven Hutensky continues to be a professional among other big name producers in the Los Angeles area. Visit his professional LinkedIn account for more details today.


Popular Steve Hutensky News


You can catch Steve Hutensky on his popular film projects like the CW crossover lineup that includes the Flash, Arrow, and the first glance of Superwoman. He will broadcast his series across 90 percent of the United States viewing area. He prides himself on being a key executive as well as a producer on several film projects. If you’ve heard the name Steve Hutensky before, it’s been from popular director’s cuts like the Ink Factory. He is also repsonsible for working alongside and directing Nicole Kidman in Human Stain produced by Robert Benton.


He continues to wok on films that give his viewers hope while others are focused on the increased popularity of violence. Steven Hutensky works closely with other big name directors on starting film projects like the the spiritual documentary WAKE UP. Hutensky has been a force to reckon with in the film and behind the scenes business industry. You can catch his CW series this fall. The crossover timeline is set to have millions of viewers glued to their television set. Catch his series of broadcast by visiting his professional LinkedIn account. You can watch a series of his films directly on the CW channel this fall.


Get Quality Pharmaceuticals With Marathon Pharmaceuticals

Marathon has worked with thousands of patients nationwide to ensure they get the medical attention they deserve for many rare diseases. Their new bioscience lab will serve their customers with low volume medication for their personalized medical needs. They actively work with many patients suffering from cancer, movement disorders, and gastrointestinal diseases. Marathon strives to work with patients that suffer from rare diseases and find it hard to get their medication. Marathon is responsible for medication like Amytal Sodium and PEPCID®. Millions of anticipating patients with life threatening issues will be served through thrift medical science. Learn more about their new medicines and treatment to improve your overall health.


Marathon Medicine Business News


There are millions of customers that have been able to live a better lifestyle with the help of Marathon. While other big name pharmaceutical companies are focused on high volume medicine to increase their numbers, Marathon is focused on low level medication that will work closely with their patient’s symptoms. Trust their team of professionals to work side by side with their patients suffering from a debilitating disease. They’re committed to helping you live an active more productive lifestyle through researched medicine. The goal is helping the clients that have a hard time locating medicine for their illness.


Many patients find it hard to pay for their medicine with the rising cost of medical treatment. They’re diligently working to get the advanced medicine their patients need to save their life. Unfortunately, other big name pharmaceutical companies are not focused on their clients, but merely their numbers. Marathon Pharmaceuticals wants to see their clients live a long productive lifestyle despite their illness. They’re connected to over 200 medical professionals and clinics. Trust Marathon Pharmaceuticals to give you medical options for your medicine and treatment. Learn more about their medicine by visiting their website for more details.


Perry Mandera: The Philanthropic Businessman

Perry Mandera immediately joined the Marines upon graduation from high school. During his time with the Marines, he is able began to work with logistics. This gave him the opportunity to work with heavy machinery. This is where he began to learn about transportation. When he was twenty five years old, he was owning and operating his very own transportation company. Due to his keen sense of innovation and his transportation skills, he was able to cause the Custom Companies to flourish. Once his company got to a place where it was ready to give to the community, that is exactly what Perry Mandera demanded of his company. The Custom Companies has always been known for aiding the Chicago community.


One of the major ways Perry Mandera works to benefit his community his through his work with children and children related charities. He has donated coats to cold children in Chicago who did not have coats. During the winter, the businessman has made sure children did not go a single Christmas without having an enjoyable Christmas with food and clothing and other items they needed.


The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls has been around since 1887. At the time it was launched, it was operated under a different name. But today’s Chicago residents know the Mercy Home for being a place that caters to the needs of disadvantaged children in the community. It helps identity and work with people in the community facing a variety of issues. Homelessness, vocational programs, sports programs, drug rehabilitation and sports program are the things this foundation does. Hundreds of thousands of young people have been helped since the foundation opened its doors over an entire century ago.


Perry Mandera works as a mentor for the youth. He enjoys guiding youth who are in need of someone to prepare them and lead them for adulthood. He is an inspirational person for these youth who are seeking motivation. He tries to implement good qualities, morals and values into these youth. Additionally, he helps to sponsor programs that offer them education, sports, foods and other items.

Roberto Santiago: The man behind the Manaira Shopping Mall success

Roberto Santiago takes shopping to a whole new level, as he’s the owner of the well-known Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall is the largest shopping center in Paraiba, a state in Brazil.


Roberto Santiago has many skills from trading to sportsmanship and business. The success of the Manaira Mall shows Santiago’s strong investment skills. The mall has over 300 stores for shoppers to head to.

The mall is has been near the north coasts of the Joao Pessoa counties since 1989. Prior to its opening, successful business owner, Roberto Santiago spent two years working to make sure the land the mall sits on is just right before the Manaira Shopping Mall was opened.


Aside from shopping for a big variety of beautiful clothing, the Manaira has eleven movie theaters that have the most up-to-date modern cinematic projection technology. To go above the nearly dozen theaters, the mall also has a VIP and 3D room. If you’re in the mood for gaming, the electronic gaming park has about 200 machines for gamers of all ages. For people looking to enjoy some music, there is a concert hall located on the Domus Hall’s rooftop. Up to 10,000 people can enjoy music at the Domus Hall. The ground hall is more than just for music, instead private events, weddings, and graduations are also held at the hall.


In addition to the Manaira Shopping Center, Santiago also opened another major business, the Mangabeira Shopping Center. It’s known as one of the most recognized commercial development enterprise in the Joao Pessoa area.

Roberto Santiago is more than just a successful business owner, as he’s an accomplished athlete. He has taken first place in the Brazilian kart championship. Santiago has also been awarded in motocross competitions, and at the Paraibano championship.


Santiago is a well-rounded man using his business skills to bring success, and in his own personal life he has success in keeping fit and achieving fitness goals.