GreenSky Credit’s App Incredibly Simple In So Many Different Ways

People are always making a ton of money off of simple ideas. Take the guy who invented the little plastic thing on your iron, for example. That plastic reinforcement that keeps the cord pointed up and away from your hot iron surface was patented by the inventor. He gets a small cut of every iron sold in the United States.

But there’s an even simpler idea that has made David Zalik more than $2.5 billion with his company GreenSky Credit. The guy is a genius but he hates the limelight. I’ve read about him on Wikipedia and in Forbes Magazine. Here’s his story.

David Zalik Did Not Graduate From High School Or College

Before founding GreenSky Credit, David Zalik was a college dropout. He was able to attend Auburn University at the age of 14 after being singled out as a math prodigy. Technically, he did not graduate high school, and he dropped out of college as soon as he found an avenue to financial success.

Beliefs And $10 Million In Loans

David Zalik took his family’s Atlanta-based property and used it as collateral for a $10 million loan to fund the founding of GreenSky Credit. He envisioned a way to connect to homeowners which are the most profitable demographic in the country. And he would connect with them using a simple smartphone app.

Super Easy To Use

The app allows you to take a picture of your drivers license to automatically upload information. All you have to do is fill out your Social Security number and check a box to allow GreenSky Credit to perform a credit check, and, just like that, you have a home improvement loan.

Everyone Is Happy

Homeowners are happy to upgrade their homes while keeping some cash in their pockets. Contractors are happy to push the app and even cut GreenSky Credit 6% of the loan amounts. And traditional banks fund the loans to take on all the liability while also cutting GreenSky Credit 1% of the spreadsheet at the end of the year.

David Zalik assumes no risk, owns only the transaction and makes billions.

How Sahm Adrangi Became an International Public Figure

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of the prestigious Yale University and possesses excellent leadership skills. He is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, a famous hedge fund. He established the company in 2009 after he retired from Wall-mart. He formed the company because of his desire to venture into the financial industry and thus the urge to develop a new company.

Sahm Adrangi was able to look for professionals to help him manage the company as well as ease of service delivery. His purpose was to address the needs of the financial sector that had remained unaddressed for an extended period. He has always desired to work with innovations as well as being creative towards making sure that his company manages to touch and cover the profitable investment ideas that many people have not addressed or tested.

Sahm Adrangi moved into the industry with the will to engage the stakeholders who will provide him with various strategies related to investing. He, therefore, managed to penetrate the industry with a lot of authority and knowledge. He entered the market with an investment of around $1 million, but according to a report that was conducted in 2017, the company today values at $150 million. He was able to share the story with the public as evidence that he was still the leader in the investment industry. The impressive increase in capital was as a result of committed leadership and also teamwork among his employees.

Sahm Adrangi has also perfected in so many skills while in the industry. He has become a very eloquent speaker when it comes to investment matters. He has attended various conferences as a keynote speaker including Sohn Conference, Activist Investor Conference, Value Investors Conference as well as Distressed debt Investment Conference. The platform was able to open a window for him to interact with some of the global iconic personalities.

Major media outlets across the globe have also featured Sahm Adrangi because of his expertise in financial investment. He has also published numerous articles. Some of the places his publications have been featured include the New York Post, Wall Street Journal, Business Daily as well as the Business Week.

ClassDojo Gets Connected to Instagram Environment

The ClassDojo platform is constantly being improved. This most recent updates connect people that are fans of the ClassDojo to Instagram updates. For all the parents that believe that a picture is worth a thousand words there is no better connection to the classroom than through ClassDojo and Instagram. As the new school year begins more parents that want to get a better sense of what is happening in the classroom need only look to ClassDojo. It is the definitive communication platform that is designed help creative a positive culture of learning experiences.

Parents are truly falling in love with ClassDojo because they know that it gives them the chance to communicate with the teachers. It is the portal that leads to higher performance and greater participation from students in the classrooms. It has been stated just recently that ClassDojo is more popular than Facebook and Gmail in the Apple Store. It is the top education app for Apple device users, and the Instagram connection has increased the appeal of this app.

A global connection for ClassDojo has made it one of the more popular apps for facilitating a deeper connection to fun classroom experiences. There is more involvement from the parents because they there is so much more social media involvement. ClassDojo makes life easier for everyone that is trying to establish a connection to make sure that their kids are reaching their full potential.

There are a large number of people that are interested in making sure that their kids are keeping up with the assignments. Parents that already have a full day of work may not know what they need to do in order to keep up with the work load that their children have. When they can get connected with the teachers, they have a better grasp of the classroom curriculum.

The classroom is becoming much more involved with technology these days. It makes sense to incorporate Instagram into this environment. Many parents already have Instagram accounts so it takes perfect sense to create a connection from ClassDojo that reaches out to these parents that want video and classroom photos.

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CEO Sheldon Lavin Saw the OSI Group as Mcdonald’s Largest Hamburger Provider

In these times, food provision is advancing at a continuous growth across the world. Many restaurant clients are searching for food suppliers who major in producing and packaging quality meat products. Thus, it was timely how Sheldon Lavin saw the OSI Group as McDonald’s largest hamburger provider. However, Mr. Lavin was a banker during the present moment, he recognized the Group’s potentiality.

What’s more, the OSI Group worked under the name Otto & Sons Company during that era. The company found it handy to use Sheldon Lavin as he could be the medium to helping the business’ enlargement dream. Yes, there’s much history about the OSI Group. So, it’s near 50 years since Sheldon teamed up by investing in the business enterprise. Plus, the onetime banker was advised to become a partial owner. Even so, he’s now president of the flourishing food service company — the OSI Group.

Today, OSI Group LLC is based in Aurora, Illinois and Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer. Thus, the company’s clientele in the Illinois area has enlarged to global locations such as Europe, Australia, South Africa, and others. Further, the smart business leader is the owner and is running one of the US’s largest meat processing enterprises. Now, the OSI Group’s worldwide customers conveniently receive food products from the company’s supply chains.

Simply put, OSI Group delivers customized food products to satisfy the client’s terms and needs through its other worldwide setups. Indeed, they make good on their well-known motto — which is a world of food solutions. Under Sheldon Lavin’s direction and efforts of the Group’s team, the OSI Industries are transparent for showing their meat produce ingredients. Therefore, the public can view these food elements on the company’s website.

Last, Lavin has been taking part with many Chicago-area and national charities. In 2015, the Consultant Company – RSM US credited the business leader with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to the public community in the Windy City. It’s notable; Sheldon Lavin has received local and international recognition over the years for his philanthropic gift and business knowledge.

Vijay Eswaran’s Business Journey

Vijay Eswaran is undoubtedly one of the most successful Malaysian entrepreneurs of the present times. He founded the QI Group of Companies and operates as the chairman of the business conglomeration. This establishment has invested in multiple spheres such as the provision of financial services, the education industry, direct selling and the hospitality sector. The company has a flagship subsidiary branch that is called QNET. Vijay started this company in 1998, and it has swiftly grown into a global firm. Its success can be primarily attributed to the ability to combine the conventional direct sales techniques with modern ones such as e-commerce marketing.

Vijay Eswaran says that when he was creating QNET, he dreamt of having a model that incorporated the new online selling technology with the already tried and tested direct sales technique. He explains that they spent a considerable amount of time with business partners trying to establish the most effective means of realizing this vision. To begin with, Vijay and his partners ventured into the sale of precious metals.

The partners obtained the rights to sell the commemorative coins for the then-upcoming Olympic Games that were to be held in Sydney, Australia. This was in 1998. Their entry into the market was a little bit mistimed, but this was not a setback in the long run as they managed to make immense profits. This was evidenced by the report that ranked Vijay’s firm in the top three companies among the 42 distributors of the coins. The main reason why they made such immense sales despite entering the market at a late stage was primarily due to the merging of direct sales strategy with web-based marketing. To competitors, this was something that was unheard of, and they were outdone for their sticking to the old marketing strategies.

Vijay captions that he has encountered difficulties in all the stages in his entrepreneurial journey. However, these hardships have never deterred him from this dream of achieving what he desires. He says that he doesn’t expect the future to get any easier but aims to stay grounded throughout.

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Matt Badiali Speaks About the Ways To Earn Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a leading financial analysts and researcher and has been in the business of financial planning and advisory for last many decades. As a certified and professional geologist, he has got the opportunity to work with some of the leading natural resources companies in the world. With the firsthand knowledge of witnessing the world of mining and natural resources, he has gained a very good insight on how the natural resources market work and function. It is this knowledge he combines with the financial knowledge to help his followers and investors to make profits from their investments.

Matt Badiali is a leading name in the world of natural resources and many leading companies often consult him to get the knowledge about where to invest and when. He recently introduced a concept of investment to his readers that talked about getting regular income in form of Freedom Checks. Matt Badiali says that it is necessary for people to continuously look for better investment opportunities. It is what he is recommending to his readers and followers. Matt has done a lot of research on MLP companies that are known to provide more than ninety percent of their income to its shareholders.

Over the years, Matt has learned the tricks of the trade of the financial world and knows how to decipher the companies that are scoped for growth. Matt says that people can get Freedom checks regularly if they invest in the companies that he suggests. Matt provides investment tips and suggestions on the newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist and the ad in which he is talking about people getting Freedom Checks, he is actually referring to subscribing to his newsletter named above. Matt believes that with the investment strategies that he is recommending, it would be easier for people to get Freedom Checks regularly.

It would help people meet their financial needs and get rid of the financial burden they might be feeling due to increased inflation and volatile economy. The ways that Matt Badiali suggests in newsletter to invest and make money are fairly simple to follow.

Betsy DeVos Is In The News Almost As Much As Donald Trump

Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos knows she is riding on the coattails of one of the most controversial president’s in political history. Her Secretary of Education nomination didn’t go as well as expected. Vice President Pence had to break the tie, so she could start her plan to overhaul the public school system. Betsy has considerable experience turning public schools into charter schools in Michigan. Some Michiganites applaud her tenacity, and her desire to bring religion into her charter school program. But those people are in the minority.



Betsy doesn’t care what her political enemies say about her. She has Trump’s blessing. She is one of the cabinet members that pays her own way. And Trump likes people that pay their own way as well as disrupt the status quo.



Betsy is one of those people who shoots first in the political arena. Then she half-heartedly attempts to answer questions about her political marksmanship. Her question answering skills are not as on point as her ability to turn teacher unions against her.



DeVos isn’t a popular education secretary, but she is popular with the news media. Betsy gives the media the ammunition they need to show the country she is in over her head. In fact, there’s a petition circulating on the Internet that is pushing for her resignation. The people who sign the petition want LeBron James to replace her. Yep. The basketball great is a big public school supporter. His foundation recently funded a public school that focuses on teaching at-risk children in Akron, Ohio. More than 12,000 people signed the petition so far. Public education advocates say James is the man who can turn the education system around.



But James is a Trump critic, and a charter school opponent, so Betsy will continue to unravel the education system. She will continue to build a for-profit charter public school system with a hint of religious fanaticism in its DNA. Attorney Jeff Sessions is doing his part in the Justice Department to make America a Christian state, and DeVos is quietly helping him achieve that goal.



The media will continue to cover every move DeVos makes as she brings back for-profit colleges, and stomps on teachers who are against her plan to reinvent the education system. Betsy has what it takes. She is misunderstood, hated, and ostracized. She had a lot of practice in Michigan, and her ineptness is now front and center for the country to see and experience.


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Families Receive Much Needed Financial Assistance From Infinity Group Australia

Many client of the Infinity Group Australia have reported that they have had tremendous success in reducing their debts. The average payment of a 30 year term home loan is being paid off in only 7-10 years. This eliminates $41,000 in debt during the first year. Other clients have experienced even better results. A young family was able to reduce their debt by $96,271 in only one year. According to the co-founder Graeme Holm, there hasn’t been a client that they couldn’t help. They even help people purchase investment properties in the best way possible. The Infinity Group Australia has many success stories and they come from 100% of their clients.


The way that the Infinity Group Australia is able to achieve such fantastic results is through their new and innovative approach. They have applied a method that they have named “the financial fitness” approach. The term comes from the analogy described by Graeme Holm. A person that works out can have some success. But a person that works out with a personal trainer has a much better chance of achieving higher levels of success.


Infinity Group Australia implements this analogy by assigning a personal banker to each and every client. The personal banker then helps the clients to set up a budget for all of their expenses, including their fuel, groceries, travel, and entertainment. Graeme Holm’s philosophy suggests for people to not purchase anything if they can’t buy it cash. The team at Infinity Group Australia helps their clients account for every single dollar and make the best use of it.


Infinity Group Australia helps their clients learn the difference between a need and a want. The personal bankers also help the clients to pay off their loans as quickly as possible by giving the clients a monthly performance report so that they can determine if the clients are reaching their financial goals and expectations. They can also know if any adjustments need to be made to the previously developed budget. The assistance doesn’t stop there. The clients also receive a six month review that goes into a high amount of detail to ensure successful reduction in a family’s mortgage.


Graeme Holm explains that the team at Infinity Group Australia brought life to the concept of ongoing guidance and support. The company has helped clients repay their 30 year home loans in as little as 7-10 years. Some clients have been able to pay off over $96,000 in just 12 months. Learn more :

Facts You Should Know about Shafik Sachedina of Sussex Healthcare Company

Career Background

Shafik Sachedina is a professional dental surgeon and a graduate from the University of London guy hospital branch. He is the current co-chairperson of Sussex healthcare company. In addition, he has held many other posts in several healthcare companies.

Shafik’s Work Experience

He is the board member of in Sussex Healthcare. He coordinates the programs in the Ismail institutions. Shafik loves and has worked as a volunteer at Jamati and Aga Khan institutions in addition to many others. Generally, Shafik Sachedina enjoys volunteer work. He has been the president of the council of Ismail in the region of the United Kingdom for two consecutive times.

Sachedina and Sussex Healthcare

This Healthcare company provides healthcare services to the elderly and many other people who need specialized care. Shafik Sachedina and the co-chairperson have imparted diverse skill in the fraternity of Sussex Healthcare. Shafik Sachedina has combined his skills over the years to create excellent healthcare for the adults and needy people.

The company has developed over the years and had more than 20 facilities under its umbrella. Full-care residential, daycare facilities and gym are among the currently established facilities.

The company deals in caring for adults with Alzheimer or dementia in addition to youths suffering from neurological problems among other cognitive problems. The company cares for both people with limited and extensive healthcare needs.

Under the co-leadership of Sachedina, the company has skilled staff that provides professional healthcare. The support team also knows their roles and perform them professionally. They, therefore, call this company home because they receive and give continued training, education plus competitive compensation.

Shafik Sachedina and co-leaders maintain their philosophy that all their customers deserve access to social, recreational and leisure activities. Simple physical health rubric is not enough. The kind of lives being lived at Sussex Healthcare should be decent.

Therefore, Shafik has improved the care given to clients and staff at Sussex healthcare company. Together with his co-leaders, they have maintained the company’s philosophy.