Why Every Production Firm Needs A Man Like Louis Chenevert on Its List Of Employees

It is the dream of every employer to have an employee who cuts the cost of production, increases production and improves sales. That is what Louis Chenevert has been doing in all his years as a production manager. Louis Chenevert was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. As a young boy, he wanted to venture into production. Although he did not know how things would be, he was committed to take the steps towards achieving his dream. The first substantive step was when he joined HEC Montreal Business to take up a Degree in Production Management at the University of Montreal.

Upon graduation, Louis Chenevert would then hook up with a friend who helped him land a job at St. Therese Quebec General Motors branch. While here, his friend, Hachey saw Louis’ potential. He would ensure that Louis is put in a position that would help him learn and help the company. Later, Hachey said that Louis was the closest friend he had at GM. When he joined the company, there rate of car production was slow. He helped increase the speed and efficiency of production because he was in the assembly and production line. During his time at GM, the assembly unit could produce a new vehicle every 60 seconds. It came a time both men had to leave General Motors in search of other fields.

From Motor Vehicle To Aerospace

Interestingly, when both men left General Motors, each of them on their own time, they landed on the same industry. Guy Hachey joined Bombardier Aerospace, where he rose through the ranks to become the President and Chief Operating Officer and Louis Chenevert joined Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a company that produces aircraft engines. While at PWC, another interesting thing took place. This shows why Louis Chenevert is different from others. Prior to his joining the company, PWC could produce a new aircraft engine in 24 months. Louis Chenevert changed this by cutting down the period from 2 years to only 9 months. This is truly remarkable! His story has moved many employers who now want to have a slice of Louis Chenevert’s skill.