Roberto Santiago of the Two Greatest Shopping Malls in Brazil

In the month of November in the year 2014, Roberto Santiago’s visions for a shopping mall in the area of João Pessoa was born. It was established in the capital of Paraíba, which is: Mangabeira and is called the famous, well-known: Mangabeira Shopping. Roberto Santiago had this vision for more than 50 years and he finally did it! His dream finally came true.

At the time of its opening, Mangabeira Shopping had about half of a million potential consumers. The stores there were thrilled to say the least. On the opening day of the shopping mall, many stores recorded a profit of more than five times higher than seen in their other stores around the nation. This achievement highlighted success for Roberto Santiago, the visionary and businessman.

It took about two and a half years for the shopping mall to get built, and took about an investment of about half a billion reais. During just the construction of the mall, about 3,000 jobs were also generated. At the time of inauguration Roberto Santiago stressed that Mangabeira would not interfere with his other business – Manaira Shopping, this is an older business, opened in 1989, it is one of the largest shopping center in the capital of Paraíba and has passed through five expansions since it was built. According to the entrepreneur’s declarations in 2014, the percentage of Manaira customers that would migrate to Mangabeira would not reach 5%. In any case, this would not be meaningful since Manaíra Shopping maintained a growth in the movement of customers that was between 10% and 15% per year.

His other mall creation idea, Santiago started, the Mangabeira Shopping Center, around 2007 to 2009. When compared to Manaira Shopping, however, Roberto Santiago says that they are two completely different projects in the urban social aspect. The Shopping opened in 1989 took residents to the neighborhood of Manaíra. The region, which was until then only made up of houses, became a belt of buildings and commercial shops in the surroundings of the enterprise. Santiago says that the city ran towards the Manaira, which is known as the “shopping mall.”

Mangabeira, in turn, would bring valuation to the place, according to perspectives of 2014. The area was already quite inhabited, however, with the overvaluation of land and houses, it was estimated more socioeconomic evolution and the economic level of the people of that area.

A situation that, according to the businessman, had already been felt for some years, referring to the banking district, which had been growing very fast – due to the series of medium and large commercial equipment that was emerging.

Currently, the mall is one of the biggest supporters of the development of the Mangabeira neighborhood and the entire southern zone of the capital of Paraíba.