Luiz Carlos Trabuco Paves The Way For Octavio

According to the news from the Bradesco Group leadership, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be replaced by Octavio de Lazari as the President. The details of the plan reveal that Luiz Carlos Trabuco remains as the Chairman of the Bradesco Board until the next Annual General Meeting.

The Succession Procedures at Bradesco Group

The Bradesco Group communications team revealed that the group has an elaborate succession process which is already in place. It is a process of appointments and succession that is endorsed by the set Succession and Appointments committee according to It is reported that the name of the selected candidate will be made public after an endorsement that is to be made at the date stated for the Board meeting.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Mr. Trabuco is a mystic leader at Bradesco. He has served the company for over four decades. He joined Bradesco when he was only 18 years. Trabuco is credited with most of the recent positive developments at Bradesco, including the purchase of the Bank of America and the listing of the Groups trading on the New York Stocks Exchange. He is also noted for his keen eye for customer satisfaction. Mr. Trabuco is a graduate with degrees in Philosophy and Psychology. He is also credited with enabling the bank to achieve leadership status. It is the largest private bank in Brazil. It is reported that Bradesco has over 27 million accounts. He led the bank in the recruitment drive that saw it register up to 6, 000 accounts per day. Mr. Trabuco also helped Bradesco Insurance to establish as the insurance of choice in the region. He was appointed to serve as the president of the bank and its CEO in 2009.

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Octavio De Lazari

He has demonstrated sufficient amount of loyalty and has also shown that he has what it takes to deliver results. Octavio De Lazari is currently the president of Bradesco Seguros.

Friends and foe alike will agree that Octavio De Lazari is the most suited person for the job of Bradesco’s President after Trabuco. He has demonstrated his abilities and loyalty by working with commitment in many departments. Octavio De Lazari is an Economics Sciences graduate from Osasco. He is also an expert in Financial Strategies and Marketing from Fundacao Institute of Administration. Octavio is highly qualified and wears several professional caps. He has worked with Trabuco in several departments in the course of his career. In fact, Luiz Carlos Trabuco says that Octavio is one of the best-suited people to succeed him. Octavio once chaired the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings Organizations (Abecip) among others. Octavio joined Bradesco in 1978. He climbed through the ranks and served in various senior positions at the bank. He was first promoted to the position of branch manager and proceeded to serve in higher positions with the group. He was the credit Director in 1998, after which he was promoted to become the Department Director in charge of Finances and Loans. He moved to the positions of the Board of Executive Officers and later the president of Bradesco Seguros. Then he became the Vice Presidents of Bradesco Group.

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