A Late Night Twitter Rant by Shervin Pishevar

Many were surprised to see a 21 hour tweet storm develop late on the night of February 6, 2018 in Shervin Pishevar’s account. After he resigned from Sherpa Capital, he hadn’t posted anything since December. His tweet storm made some ominous predictions for the future of the US economy. Most of his tweets were based on the overall idea that things are going to continue to decline.

Shervin Pishevar sent a tweet that mentioned that middlemen are a big part of the problem with the economy. He feels that when they are no longer relevant, then the global economy can work in a frictionless and efficient way. This is an idea that he has expressed in the past. He has fought for a society that is more open.

In another tweet, Shervin Pishevar forecasted that Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet will fall. He mentions that these giants that are built on monopoly frameworks should fall because that is the way evolution works. He compares it to an old forest that burns down and makes room for the new trees to grow. While he doesn’t forecast good things for these giants, he did have a couple of positive predictions for smaller companies, like one that he has co-founded called Virgin Hyperloop. He says this company along with SpaceX are exceptions to the rule.

Another area where Shervin Pishevar believes there may be some expansion has to do with entrepreneurs using different methods of fundraising and digital currencies. When these smaller companies grow, they can spur the economy onward.

In his 27th tweet, he talks about Silicon Valley. He said that it was not just a physical place anymore. He believes that it is an idea that has gone viral. Being an entrepreneur is now a movement. While this does have some benefits, he feels that it is not good for domestic economic growth in the short term. Back in 2008, he mentioned that the American way became the global way. He says that talented individuals from other countries no longer need to go to the United States.

While the majority of the tweets Shervin Pishevar sent out were quite ominous, some were hopeful.


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