Listen To The Words Of Wisdom And Age

Sheldon Lavin operates the OSI group as a majority shareholder and does it without fatigue at 81-years-old. The vision of the OSI Group is clear within the manner the company operates. The mid ‘70s through to the ‘80s and early ‘90s saw the expansion of OSI and forced many specialists to predict a tipping point, and

This “tipping point” was never reached as the agency continues rising in the business world. Each stage of the agency’s growth is overseen by Mr. Lavin. He works with over 40 years of experience in food processing. His education was developed as a financial professional.


Bonded To The Ambition Of A Larger Empire

The bonds now made by Mr. Lavin are in his work ethic and in the foundation that’s clearly held close to this business expert. What strikes most specialists is how Sheldon operates with the same ambition as does his younger contemporaries. What’s even more surprising is the growth OSI remains undergoing.

The only way to put the resources he has to use is to thrive with a determined will and a clear vision. There are no shortage of supplies, processes and successes for the agency. This stage of the company’s life is supported by the will of its leader and his discipline to remain focused on the major goals ahead of him.


Full Sail To The International Arena

The bold steps taken by the OSI Group are modeled on CEO Lavin’s leadership, and his plans are incorporated into the international markets. This international trend began in the ‘80s and has yet to find its completion. Measuring the world market is an ongoing process as the world economy continues expanding.

Sheldon will also continue expanding his agency along with the rise in world demand for food. There are more food processing factories under the ownership of the OSI Group than any other agency. Sheldon has brought the agency to this standing and will keep his progress moving forward indefinitely, and read full article.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Interesting Journey in His Medical Career

Saad Saad is from the Middle East. He was born in Palestine and grew up in Kuwait. He finished his degree in medicine forty-seven years ago in Egypt’s Cairo University where he graduated with honors as the second in rank from his class. He completed his medical internship in Great Britain and arrived in the United States forty-five years ago.



Dr. Saad Saad completed his residency in pediatric surgery with and surgery. He has been married for forty-two years with four children, two of whom are surgeons just like him, one is a lawyer, and the other is a nurse who specialized in ICU.



For the past years of his professional medical career, Dr. Saad Saad was able to develop numerous procedures for pediatric surgery and was able to have two of his inventions patented. As a licensed pediatric surgeon who has vast experience and knowledge, Dr. Saad performed thousands of complicated surgical operations on children – from babies to teenagers. He was also involved in 8 medical missions bound to Jerusalem, to carry out sophisticated surgical treatments on poor children for free.



Before he retired, Dr. Saad was the Co-Medical Director and Chief Surgeon of K Hovnanian Children Hospital at the Hackensack Meridian Health Care System.



In an interview granted by the good doctor, he said that he knew he wanted to be a doctor while he was in high school. However, when he realized that other professions would require him to be working outside should he have stayed in Kuwait – where the hot temperature is unbearable, he made up his mind to become not an ordinary doctor but a surgeon who can work inside an operating room that is air-conditioned.



Dr. Saad revealed that his greatest influence he had in his life was Dr. H. Biemann Othersen who mentored him not only in becoming a good surgeon but who likewise taught him to be hard-working, honest, kind and to help heal all children irrespective of financial status, physical or mental ability, religion, and color.



He also said that the advice he would give his young self is to continuously reach for your goals because nothing is impossible if you insist.



Dr. Saad says that he follows some specific procedure when preparing for surgeries which are: 1. Review of patient’s medical record to know what type of surgery needs to be done, and 2. Review the procedure related to the required operation at hand by rereading a textbook. He further said that to be able to concentrate on complicated surgical procedures he expects the following: no personal talk in the operating room, no loud music, and have a good night’s sleep as well as a good breakfast before the surgery. Learn more:


What Hussain Sajwani Points To As The Real Beginning

If you had the chance to become acquainted with Hussain Sajwani, one of the UAE’s wealthiest real estate moguls and rated several times as the Top Middle East CEO, you’d hardly think there was any simple beginning to his business. But he himself had a plaque of honor given to him thanks to outstanding food service he provided through a catering company he had started even before going into real estate. The catering venture sold prepared foods all over the world in locations in Europe, Africa and to US military personnel when they’ve been stationed in the Arabian peninsula. Part of the reason Sajwani still has pride in this plaque is because such services are still important to what DAMAC provides to its current clients.


Prior to becoming DAMAC owner and joining in several major partnerships with design companies and brands, and even prior to starting his catering business Sajwani was a contracts manager for a major UAE oil company. He first entered real estate after more than 10 years in the food service and started buying and redeveloping hotels in Deira not long after the Soviet Union dissolved. He started going upscale in the mid 2000s and started partnering with Versace and Bugatti including when he finished the DAMAC Tower. His longtime friendship with current President Trump and his family began back in the late 1990s but it started reaching the spotlight in 2011 when the Tiger Woods golf course along with the Trump resort was finished. Sajwani also has spoken on Trump’s hospitality in having his family over to visit in Trump Tower over the years and the friendship of his daughter with Ivanka.


Hussain Sajwani also has had a couple IPOs launched in the London Stock Exchange including a 2011 offering that was valued at $380 million and a later one in the Dubai Financial Market. He also manages private equity investments in the DAMAC subsidiary DICO Investments, and he’s acquired several other companies supplying materials to contractors including Anwar Tiles. Hussain Sajwani also won recognition in the Real Estate Tycoon Awards hosted by the Dubai Land Department and has been listed at number one in Forbes magazine’s Global 2000 list.


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Tony Petrello Has A Long History Of Philanthropy

Tony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries, is known for his philanthropy. He has helped many charitable organizations. His daughter suffers from a neurological disorder called PCV that affects her ability to eat, drink, chew, walk, and speak.

The eight year old began chewing her food last year. Now, she is able to eat meals. It took time and straining for her brain to recognize the signals and patterns of chewing. Her illness gave Tony inspiration, to donate to the medical community, to help find a cure. Tony and his wife donated $5 million to research.

His daughter, Carena, born premature developed PVL. It is a common illness among premature babies. This illness develops because oxygen does not reach the brain. She weighed only 20 ounces, and her brain did not receive enough blood. The illness turned into cerebral palsy, a disease, that causes problems with motor skills and coordination.

Tony and his wife prayed daily for a cure for their daughter’s illness. When they contacted a number of medical centers about research for her condition, they found out that not enough was being done. Carena goes to Texas Children’s Hospital for treatment of PCV according to

This hospital has the Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute. This organization raises money for research for neurological disorders. Tony and his wife gave a generous gift to this organization. Tony Petrello has two degrees. He has a degree B.A. and M.A in math from Yale University and, a law degree from Harvard.

When he attended Yale University, he met math professor Serge Lang. They became good friend. When Serge Lang passed away, Tony donated $150,000 to create an endowment fund in his memory. He helped victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston by providing relief. Workers from his company Nabors Industries, took time off to help victims where ever they were needed.

They installed site kitchens in neighborhoods to cook three meals a day for hurricane victims. He paid workers in his company for donated time. The company raised $173,622 in relief donations. His organization the Nabors Charitable Foundation has donated over $3 million in educational scholarships to children.

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