Austin Texas’s Very Own Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon Jennfier Walden

Jennifer Walden, MD is a mother of two, a surgeon, an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist in the city of Austin Texas where she was born and raised. She owns her own medical practice, MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, that employees sixteen women. Her practice focuses on areas of the face, breasts, genitals and nose. She also performs plastic surgery on all areas of the body and repairs existing plastic surgery that may need repaired. MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center provides industry leading technology, such as the 3D Imaging that allows patients to visualize what their plastic surgery will look like once it is finished.

The aesthetic plastic surgeon field primarily consists of male surgeons, and as a women, Jennifer Walden, MD has become nationally known for her expertise in the field. Her dedication to her patients consistently provides a bonding experience with each patient that seeks treatment at her practice. Although most of her patients are women, the environment consists of caring, compassionate and non judgemental employees that want to empower their patients to be apart of the transition into the looks they want. She believes in empowering women, and believes that women can balance a career and family and that they will feel rewarded for their achievements.

Jennifer Walden, MD has been a spokesperson for several prominent medical aesthetic companies and at national conferences on laser technology for areas like the face, breasts, vaginal rejuvenation and fat grafting surgery. She appears in the media and on television in the lifestyle segments.

Jennifer Walden, MD has many civic engagements that include member of the Guardian Angel Society that focuses on abused children, runner-up for Austin’s Woman of the Year by the Austin Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which provides fundraisers for blood cancer research, and several other engagements, and what Jennifer Walden knows.

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Desiree Perez Has Earned Her Place Alongside the Top Female Executives of the Year

Desiree Perez, who could also be known as the right hand of Jay Z, was recently honored in Billboard Magazine’s expansive ‘Top Female Executives of 2017’ lineup alongside a host of notable names from all around the industry. Perez has long served as the Chief Operating Officer for renowned Hip-hop record label, Roc Nation, which features a slew of popular artists, many of which Perez has developed both a professional and friendly relationship with over her years of work. Desiree has been personally responsible for a variety of deal negotiations that have led to lucrative earnings on the part of the companies she has worked for, and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

Perez has long been one of Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter’s most prized assets when it comes to business dealings and corporate negotiations. Upon the upstart of Roc Nation, in 2008, Perez personally arranged a deal between the record label, and Live Nation, which resulted in enhanced profits for both companies. She recently re-signed the deal upon its ten year reinstatement, again resulting in enhanced profitability for both Live and Roc Nation, and the one of the most lucrative Jay Z tours of all time. Which is no small feat when you consider the amount of platinum sales the rapper has pulled in over the years, and resume her.

Perez’s story is one of persevering in an industry commonly dominated by men to become one of the smartest, and most business savvy executives, in Hip-hop. As a member of Hova’s Circle of Influence, Desiree, along with business managers across the board of Jay’s companies, guides Roc Nation’s progress, and influences the variety of businesses associated with the record label. Perez’s innate ability to negotiate the toughest business deals has earned both her spot in Jay’s inner circle, as well as her spot among some of the smartest and strongest female executives of our time, and

Adam Milstein Is Passionate About Israeli-American Relations

Adam Milstein firmly believes that a strong and enduring relationship between the United States and one of its greatest allies, Israel, is a cornerstone of world stability. That’s why he and his wife established the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation.

This philanthropic organization works to bolster the State of Israel and foster a continued positive relationship with the United States. A primary goal is to nurture the special affinity Jewish American have with the Jewish homeland, and foster Jewish and Israeli identity among today’s youth.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa in 1952. His family truly has an international flavor. His mother came to Israel from Mexico and his father immigrated from Argentina. Both Eva and Hillel Milstein came to Israel shortly after it became an official state in 1958, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

Adam Milstein grew up to serve in the Israeli Military Forces. He fought in the 1973 Yom Kippur War under the leadership of Ariel Sharon. Milstein participated in the crossing of the Suez Canal as Israeli forces drove back the Egyptian Army in one of the most historic battles of modern times, and Adam on Facebook.

After military service, Milstein enrolled at the Technion and got his bachelor’s degree in business and economics. This was 1978. Four years earlier he married the love of his life, Gila Elgrably, who was born in Morocco and moved to Israel at age six.

The couple immigrated to the United States in 1981 where Adam Milstein earned an MBA from the University of Southern California. His life experiences and educational background served him well as he pursued a career in commercial real estate. Today he is a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties where he handles the firm’s financing, disposition and accounting.

Success in business has prompted Milstein to give back as much as he can. In addition to his philanthropic foundation, Adam co-founded the Israeli-American Council which is the fastest growing Jewish advocacy groups in America today. The group currently has some 250,000 members.

A Jewish newspaper, The Algemeiner, reported that Adam Milstein was named one of “The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life” in 2016, and

NewsWatch TV Reviews Show the Possibilities

If you’ve ever heard about the new line of ergonomic workstations The Contour Design Company introduced, it has a lot to do with Newswatch TV. The Contour Design Company was looking to get their “ultimate workstation” series into the public eye. They were looking for people to really see their product and what it was capable of doing for customers. Contour knew that with the right advertising people would have the opportunity to see this new and healthy way of working with their computer.

Newswatch TV was able to bring the “ultimate workstation” to the public in a really new and ingenous way. The video that Newswatch broadcast on their bi-monthly show airing on the ION channel and The AMC Network really gave The Contour Design Company much more than they expected. Newswatch is also available online through social media networks, increasing their reach. Contour was thrilled with the process they experienced with the Newswatch team. From the inception of their video to the production and process Contour saw that this campaign really grew sales for their product.

Newswatch has a team of professionals that worked dilligently with The Contour Design Company to insure that their campaign for the “ultimate workstation” was everything they wanted. Newswatch brought the product to over 200 US Markets which really helped to sell the product to markets that before may not have seen it. This kind of reach is something that Newswatch TV offers, and follow their Twitter.

Newswatch has aired over 1,000 episodes since 1990 with their amazingly informative news show. The stories on Newswatch are all produced independently, without any large network involvement. The stories on Newswatch are able to get the latest information on such a broad range of ideas, products, news, and information. Companies like The Contour Design Company are clearly thrilled with the professional work done at Newswatch and that the benefits yield an excellent return.

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