Ronald Fowlkes and Strong Tactical Gear

Ronald Fowlkes is an employee with Eagle Industries Unlimited. He’s located in St. Louis in Missouri at the moment. “Ronnie” is his nickname, too. Fowlkes is Eagle Industries Limited’s current business development manager. He’s in charge of business development management duties that are related to both commercial and law enforcement items. Eagle Industries Limited is a powerhouse within the world of tactical gear. It caters to the needs of outdoor lovers of all kinds. It caters to people who work in tactical matters as well. It’s been a force in product development for more than three decades. It’s been a force in the manufacturing realm for just as long. Eagles Industries Unlimited’s main location is in Virginia Beach in Virginia. It’s a Vista Outdoors Inc. sector. Vista Outdoors Inc. is based in Utah.


Fowlkes is a professional who has a lot on his plate at Eagles Industries Unlimited. He communicates with customers who are in all different sections of the United States. He takes on many product training duties as well. He gives sales representatives in-depth product education sessions. He does this for more than 150 team members. Fowlkes has been happily working for Eagles Industries Unlimited since July of 2008.


This individual has a rock-solid background in business development. He has an extensive background in the military, too. He supported his nation back in the late eighties and early nineties, after all. That’s when he was part of the United States Marine Corps. He joined the Marines in 1989. He remained with the organization for four years until 1993. He’s even a Gulf War veteran. He went to the Marine Corps School of Infantry. That’s where he took part in comprehensive marine combat training. He took a standard engineering class, too.


There’s no arguing that Ronald Fowlkes has diverse career experiences. He worked in the law enforcement community for a long period of time. He was a law enforcement professional for more than 13 productive years. He was an employee with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for roughly 10 full years, first and foremost. He was an employee with the St. Louis County Police Department for approximately three years, too. He attained team leadership status in the early 2000s in 2003. That encouraged him to get certification in a wide range of subjects. He’s an instructor who’s equipped with certification in topics such as defensive methods, shoot house, tactical rifles and more.


Ronald Fowlkes is a person who has his eyes on the prize at all times. He’s 100 percent enthusiastic about his line of work. He’s also fond of social media. He has accounts on established social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. He updates these accounts regularly.