Trabuco- Weapon Showing Great Innovation

The Trabuco is an ancient weapon that was used to throw ammunition into the enemy’s territory. The Trabuco was being used in the middle ages. It is said to have been one of the most lethal tools of war at the time. The Trabuco has the capability to throw an ammunition weighing 140 pounds into the enemy’s territory at a very high speed. The impact that the wright would have on the enemy’s wall of defense will be sufficient to bring it down.

The Trabuco was also used to send ammo into the territory of the enemy with the aim of inflicting injuries on them. In Europe, the Trabuco was used by Christian movement to attack those who used to disrupt their crusades according to It is clear that the weapon has been used for a long time as a weapon that would hit an enemy from a distance without having to physically meet for war. It can be compared to the sling in the manner that it works.


How does the Trabuco work? A Trabuco simply works on the principle of energy transformation. For the loads to move, potential energy must be turned into kinetic energy. The Trabuco was not the best war machine in terms of efficiency but managed to serve the purpose for which it was made for. Some of the force would be lost in the process of converting potential to kinetic energy. Trabuco works on the principle of physics; that the amount of effort applied will determine the movement, the load will make. In the case of the Trabuco, the distance and the speed that the ammunition would travel was dependent on the load that was to generate the potential energy. When a huge load is used, the speed of the ammunition will be higher.

The Trabuco had been modified a number of times to make them more efficient. The Trabuco was the best weapon at the time. Based on, it was a great weapon that would bring the enemy down before the battlefield would be initiated. Trabuco was an advanced weapon that demonstrated great innovation on the part of the innovators of the time.

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Doe Deere and her Unicorn Mind

Doe Deere is the founder of famous makeup line Lime Crime and has always had a passion for thinking outside of box Deere moved to the United States from Russia when she was 17-years-old. She lived in New York from 1998-2012 and then moved to Los Angeles.


She has always had an entrepreneurial and creative spirit even at the age of 13. She would sell temporary tattoos to her classmates after she discovered them and persuaded her mates that they were cool. Her artistic and colorful spirit, from music to clothes and now makeup, is bold and fun runs heavy throughout her brand.


Entrepreneurship is very important to Deere, especially for women. Deere says it’s important for women to follow their hearts when it comes to honing in on skills and talents. Learn more:


She notes her success of Lime Crime is due to staying true to herself and what she wanted. In 2008, when she noticed the trend of natural, nude colors in makeup, she decided to go her own route with bright colors. Thus Lime Crime the cosmetics line was born.


Deere’s favorite memory surrounding makeup was when she was 9-years-old and during a slumber party, her and her friends dressed up in witch costumes. Young Deere new the look wasn’t complete without bright pink eye shadow and brown lipstick.


Not only does she go against the cosmetic trends, she also goes against the traditional trends. While other brands and companies are focused on millennials, Deere is focused on Generation Z, the digital-minded people born after 1997. She wants to learn from these shoppers and how they think and buy online.


Smart move for a brand that is solely sold online and relies on social media to get the word out about launches and brand developments. Deere touts that Lime Crime was at the forefront of selling makeup online and she even said that experts told her that it was impossible to do so. Now, Deere strives to continue to be ahead of the curve.


Another way she does this is by defying the social norms. For instance, she encourages her Lime Crime employees to explore all the possibilities of having colored hair at work. This small notion helps show other corporate offices that it’s possible to get work done and be self-expressive at the same time.


Deere believes in being brave and thinking outside-the-box, all things she was able to do by creating Lime Crime. One of her favorite quotes is “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn – then always be a unicorn!” and Deere is definitely a unicorn.