Orange Coast College – article recap

The Orange Coast College has a new structure, the planetarium, under construction. This planetarium will be the best available and it will also feature a Foucault pendulum! It is estimated that the completion of this will be in 2018, during the fall semester. This planetarium is replacing the late version that was built in the 1950s, and it will be able to seat about 129 people. This planetarium is worth 20 million dollars and will include all new up to date appliances. The Orange Coast College planetarium will serve the entire community, the states visitors, and, of course its many the students.


Did you know that the campus is a staggering 164 acres?! This campus is located in Costa Mesa and it started its very first classes in year 1948. OCC is a community college that is well known for a few things such as ; being ranked as the top rank for the best community college in South California as well as being ranked as number 2 in the U.S?! That is quite impressive, they should keep up the good work! Many people transfer to this wonderful community college as well as its other corresponding campuses, and not to mention – all of the students seem to be successful at what they do, inside as well as outside of OCC because of its wonderful teachers! This is a wonderful college that has amazing teachers and staff as well as determined students. It is a beautiful community college located by some of California’s most beautiful beaches and this college provides superb knowledge to its students.


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Eric Lefkofsky sees patterns in the randomness of patient outcomes

Throughout the twentieth century, great strides were made in all areas of medicine through the use of controlled clinical studies. Many of these studies, such as the Framingham Heart Study, were extremely clever and well-designed, yielding troves of highly valuable data that is still used in the treatment of serious illnesses today. But this 20th century model of conducting studies as the primary means of gaining new epidemiological-level understanding of disease processes has a few severe limitations.

One of those is the cost and amount of time that such studies typically take. The design and carrying out of a major medical study, even something as simple as a survey, often cost millions of dollars and take months or years to accomplish. This has severely limited the number of phenomena that can be studied, leaving large gaps in the general medical knowledge of many different diseases.

This often leaves researchers stuck using fairly crude statistical methods when devising treatment protocols and evaluating the progress of patients in their care. For example, a disease like breast cancer has an extremely wide range of potential patient outcomes. These range from death within weeks to surviving as long as somebody who had never had the disease at all. Unfortunately, for modern oncologists, this extreme variance in patient outcomes often exists even within the same stage levels of cancer. Modern physicians are forced to treat this very simply as a statistical artifact, giving them no additional information about the reasons that such vast disparities exist in patient outcomes and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

However, Eric Lefkofsky sees things quite differently. Lefkofsky founded medical intelligence firm Tempus for the sole purpose of explaining this previously unexplainable variance in patient outcomes. He seeks to do this through plugging all of the knowledge gaps that exists as a result of the inability to fund proper studies that would allow physicians to correlate the nearly infinite variables that exist in designing treatment protocol for patients and learn more about Eric.

Lefkofsky believes that Tempus, through the use of such vast sources of data as the human genome itself, will be able to tell doctors precisely why one group lives for 20 years while the other only lives for 5.

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The Great Carrer of Norman Pattiz

To start off, here are a few honorable names; Larry King, Dick Clark, Bob Hope, and even Michael Jackson. What all of these great names have in common is that they are all enshrined into the national radio hall of fame. Being a part of the national radio hall of fame is a prestigious honor that only a few honorable people get to have. Having said that, a name that without a doubt gets to be a part of such an honor is none other than Norman Pattiz. With a career that spans more than thirty years, Norman has accomplished many feats that other people could never achieve in a lifetime. So, with that said, we will discuss how his personal life and achievements have made him into the legendary and successful broadcasting entrepreneur he is today, as well as recap an article by that discusses just one of those many accomplishments he has to add to a long and impressive list of achievements.


Personal Life & Achievements

Born in 1943, it was not until the mid 70’s in 1976 at the age of 33 when he would establish what he is best known for. In that year, Norman would go on to establish Westwood one, which was a radio syndication company that would quickly become the nations largest radio network and a global successful media company. It would not take long for Norman to start receiving recognition for not only this company but for many other achievements in his career. In fact, by the year 2013, Norman had already been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame would also receive the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.


Launch Of “Beyond The Darkness”

In other news about Norman Pattiz, the article by titled “New Paranormal Podcast Debuts on Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne”, talks about his more recent body of work about a paranormal podcast called “Beyond The Darkness”. The article goes on to explain that the podcast, which is set to debut under professional wrestling star Chris Jericho’s podcast network, will include strange and entertaining conversations with experienced researchers that will challenge all there is to know about the paranormal and the other worldly. The article continues to explain how the creator of the podcast network which will feature Norman’s work, Chris Jericho, is excited and scared at the same time, to be able to welcome “Beyond the Darkness” into the network.

















Robert Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall: A Place of Fun and Leisure

Imagine walking into a place that has amusement parks, movie theatres, bowling rooms you name it; a place where the whole family can reunite and have a good time. That place is none other than the Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa in Brazil.
Robert Santiago owns the Mall, and it was opened to the public in 1989. Did you know that this mall took two years to be completed? Yes, that is why it is elegant. Roberts’s main motivation for building the mall was to offer the people of Brazil an alternative to their usual leisure activities. It is the largest shopping centre in Paraiba, Brazil.
Inside the Mall, there are numerous options when it comes to fun. The amusement park is electronic, and it houses different game stations. Robert has included a bowling area and ballrooms. The mall has a cinema hall that has been designed with state of the art technology equipment. You will get to enjoy different types of drinks as they have included a bar area in the cinema hall. There are other recreational areas like the gym that you can take advantage of.
They have included a gourmet space inside the mall that houses a steak and burger sections. In addition to that, they have a food court that you can use to sample all the different cuisines.
Even though the mall was opened in 1989, significant improvements have been made since then. In 2009, they opened the Domus concert hall at the rooftop of the mall. The grand theatre for the music shows is the largest concert hall in Joao Pessoa. It comes with modern technology including the acoustic installation and world class sound systems.
The concert hall has two different floors. The ground floor has a large space that can be used for different events like graduation, weddings and birthdays. The second floor has private cabins and a music lounge. It has different dressing rooms that can be used by 10 people.
About Robert Santiago
Roberto Santiago is the owner of the Manaira Shopping Mall. Before he built the mall, he used to work at the Café Santa Rosa. He also owned a manufacturing company that dealt with utilitarian products.
He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. He also attended the Colegio Marista Pio X.

Why Ricardo Tosto is an Iconic Lawyer

Latin America is known for offering superb legal counselors who are very much met all requirements for that calling one of these legal counselors being Ricardo Tosto. He is seen as a standout amongst other legal counselors lived in Brazil and none of alternate legal counselors approach him. What makes him so outstanding is his experience and results in the legitimate business. He has possessed the capacity to become famous to a state of being regarded by different lawyers. He generally shares his insight with up and coming legal counselors teaching them on the best way to move the legitimate framework and wind up noticeably awesome. Ricardo was previously an understudy of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he graduated with his law degree before joining MacKenzie Presbyterian University where he earned his Juris Doctorate in Law and Ricardo on Facebook.

His achievements represent themselves as he was among the prime supporters of Barros Advogados Associados and Leite, Tosto law office. This firm has turned out to be one of best and most regarded law office in Brazil under the authority of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. The firm significantly represents considerable authority in Environmental, Labor, White Collar Crimes and Business law prosecutions. Being the pioneer of this law endeavor, Ricardo has driven his group in shielding every one of their customers including government authorities, biggest firm in Brazil and worldwide associations. As per the clients, they see Tosto’s administration aptitudes, learning and key arranging as what makes his firm the best and fruitful and what Ricardo knows.

With regards to molding the lawful framework in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto is constantly associated with the issue. His insight is productive amid the execution phase of the legitimate instruments as not every person comprehends Brazil’s lawful framework like Ricardo. He significantly aids the presentation of lawful administrations and methodology to be actualized in the legal framework and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

Aside from being a refined and fruitful legal advisor, he holds and serves different positions in Brazil lawful framework. He once filled in as the legitimate and Administrative Superintendent of Grupo Alusa and is at present the President of the Judiciary Reform Committee. He trusts that with the assistance of his insight in Law, he will be in a place of executing change in the state’s legal framework and his Linkedin.

About Budding Entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt

A new generation of Millenials is moving into its prime spending years in a move expected to shape the economy of nations. According to a 2011, US Chamber of Commerce report published on the California Blog, people born between 1980 and 2000 have been opening about 160,000 new businesses every month.

The statistics also indicate that 27% of millennial’s are self employed. Sawyer Howitt, a Lincoln High School graduate from Portland, Oregon is one such rising star. His business savvy attitude stems understanding the financial and operational needs of a business. He also understands the impact of consumer interactions and customer service in business success.

Sawyer Howitt is currently the Project Manager at a Portland based business development service company, Meriwether Project Group, where he is tasked with exploring strategies of ensuring technological adoption. Sawyer encourages entrepreneurs who want to start a business to pay close attention to:
• Health of the economy
• Access to capital
• Average age of the market population
• Potential for networking
• Access to high-speed broadband

In addition, his list of conducive cities to start a business in the US includes San Francisco, Denver, Salt Lake City and Santa Monica. According to another excerpt written by Howitt on Norcal News, most young entrepreneurs are interested in emerging technologies and are quickly moving to disrupt the existing status quo. Millennial entrepreneurs also don’t fear taking risks and are pushed to think out of the box.

Sawyer Howitt list of industries popular with millennial includes corporate welfare, gourmet street vending, social network gaming development, relaxation beverages, 3D printing business and natural food industry. Outside work, Sawyer Howitt’s hobbies include fishing, and playing racquetball. He also participates in charitable projects by running mentorship programs, donating to various charities and fighting for women’s rights.

According to, Sawyer Howitt is currently enrolled to study BA in Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University.