Talk Fusion – Developing Innovative Video Marketing Applications for Interactive Marketing and Communications

Talk Fusion is the name to reckon with in the world of video marketing. It is a technology company that offers a wide variety of marketing and communication applications through the use of video. The company believes in the philosophy that video marketing is the next big thing in the marketing sphere. Talk Fusion has been working successfully on developing video based products since its inception in 2007, and one of the most popular products of the company is video-based email system. In this application, the user can send a video in an email format and read full article.

It means that just like the person writes an email, the person would be able just to record a video and send it over email. Talk Fusion says that video is more descriptive in nature and can help in sending the message in a more personalized manner. Talk Fusion believes that the company who are eager to take their business’ marketing efforts to the next level can use the Talk Fusion’s applications to boost their marketing campaign. Such video based applications can make marketing unconventional, highly attractive, and more interactive and Talk Fusion’s lacrosse camp.

Talk Fusion recently launched one of the applications it has been working on for extended named Fusion on the Go. It is a video chat application that at present can be used on devices running on Android and iOS. The Fusion on the Go can be easily downloaded through the platform’s marketplaces, which are iTunes and Google Market Place. Talk Fusion has reached to the consumers in over 140 countries, and it continues to expand its business consistently with time.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007 and since then has served as its CEO as well. Bob has always known the power of video marketing and feels that the companies should video marketing tools offered by Talk Fusion to increase their customer engagement and retention rate. Bob Reina believes the video is more expressive and thus, holds the attention of the target audience for longer than the plain text contained in an email. Talk Fusion continues to work on different technologies and applications to continue with their idea of building innovative video marketing applications and learn more about Talk Fusion.

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