Kevin Seawright: Baltimore’s Real Estate Specialist And Diversity Hero

Kevin Seawright has long been looking for ways to bring affordable homes and promote diversity within the homebuyers market, and his target group has been first-time homebuyers. It’s never easy to come up with a solution for both buyers, sellers and banks, but with his new company RPS Solutions, Seawright has a brand new plan for the city. RPS Solutions looks at homes that can be renovated and resold at a more affordable rate than brand new homes while at the same time still having a location in a safe neighborhood.

The company even helped Jerrel Brown of Baltimore’s housing authority who once knew Seawright as a youth leader. Brown had been unable to buy a home for his family until RPS introduced him to the renovated homes market and offered him the opportunity to take out a mortgage.

Kevin Seawright has held several positions in public accounting over the years since receiving a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the field from Alameda University. He started as a lower account manager for the Baltimore Parks and Recreation department where he maintained accounts receivable, payroll, tax oversight and other budgetary items. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

From there he moved to the Baltimore Public School Systems where he maximized the budget directed at transportation and other basic operations. But his most notable accomplishment as a public accountant was when he had CitiStat implemented at the mayoral offices. With this software, the City of Baltimore was able to make various changes thanks to the analytics it performed on the important municipal departments. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers

From Baltimore Seawright moved to Washington D.C. where he managed the budget for a private contracting construction company, Tito Contractors. In 2014 Seawright was chosen by the leaders of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) to be the Chief Financial Officer during a period that Newark’s city leaders began partnering with private construction companies to take on what they called the Newark renaissance.

Kevin Seawright kept his position for about a year prior to moving back to Baltimore and starting RPS Solutions. He also completed a certification course for Business Executive Leadership at the Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business.

George Soros Gets Back to the Political Realm

After the 2004 Presidential elections, George Soros dialed back his political giving. However, during the 2016 elections, George contributed $25 million in support of Presidential aspirant Hilary Clinton.

In 2004, George spent $27 million in a bid to defeat former President George W. Bush. After George had won the Presidential elections, Soros decided to dial down his contributions. George Soros is a liberal and an avid supporter of the Democratic Party. It was, therefore, not a surprise for him to support the Democrats.

It was his long term friendship with Hilary Clinton that influenced George’s decision to support her Presidential campaign. The other reason was his fear of having Donald Trump become the president. Trump’s ideologies don’t align with George’s ideologies and values, and that is why he spent a significant amount of money to defeat him.

Even though the strategy was great, the Democratic Party lost the Presidential elections. The loss was a blow to George Soros and the Democratic Party. However, Soros didn’t take the results lying down, after the elections, he gathered the liberals to strategize on how to take back the power.

The liberals gathered for a three-day conference to re-strategize on how they were going to fight back. The team had one agenda; to discuss how they were going to thwart Donald Trump’s plans.

President Donald Trump’s administration is still going strong. Even with that, George Soros and the Liberals have not stopped their actions to defeat President Trump. Read more at Washington Times about George Soros.

More about George Soros

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary. He immigrated to London in 1947 to pursue his education. George attended the London School of Economics and graduated with a Bachelor in Philosophy and later Master in Philosophy.

After graduating George didn’t secure a job immediately and therefore, he ended up becoming a sales person. His quest to get a better job didn’t stop as he kept writing letters to all the Merchant Banks. It took time, but George finally secured a job in one of the Merchant Banks in London.

George relocated to New York in 1956 to join the F.M Mayer. Soros worked as an arbitrage trader, a position that proved to be vital for his career. While working at the F.M Mayer, George took a keen interest in European Stocks. He invested in the stocks and during the Black Wednesday, George received his payout.

George founded the Soros Fund, later renamed to Quantum Mechanics in 1970. Since its inception, George has been on an upward motion of success. George is worth $25.2 million and is the 23rd richest billionaire.


Soros began his philanthropy work in 1979. He supported the black students pursuing their education at the Cape Town University.

Through the Open Society Foundations, George supports the civil societies across the world. The Foundation also seeks to support education, justice, and public health.

As an immigrant, Soros has developed a soft spot for the migrants and refugees, especially from Europe. He founded an organization that will support the companies owned or operated by refugees and the migrants.

Why Equities First Holdings is a Leading Provider of Stock-based Loans

Since its inception in 2002, Equities First Holdings has grown into one of the leading providers of alternative financing solutions. In fact, the company has been supplying capital against stock to allow customers to meet both their professional and personal goals. Currently, Equities First Holdings has closed over 650 deals, which are worth over $1.4 billion. Additionally, it boasts of a global presence, which includes offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, South Africa, United States, Perth and Sydney.

Equities First Holdings has proven to be a dominant entity in the provision of alternative shareholder financing solutions. The company has witnessed increased traction in stock-based and margin loans, especially at a time when banks and other financial institutions have introduced more stringent lending criteria.

Stock-based Loans

Stock-based loans are loans that are collateralized by public-traded stocks. Al Christy, the CEO and founder of Equities First Holdings, views stock-based loans as an ideal alternative for borrowers in dire need of working capital. In fact, the loans are suitable for borrowers who require raising quick capital or those who are ineligible for additional conventional credit-based loans. Equities First Holdings offers stock loans for a fixed duration, which is usually three years.

The Advantages of Stock-Based Loans

Unlike margin loans, stock-based loans usually have a higher loan-to-value ratio. They are also accompanied by a fixed interest ratio, which gives them certainty throughout the entire transaction. Even though market fluctuation is inevitable, loans that are collateralized by stocks offer a hedge since the borrower is reducing his or her investment risk in a downside market and learn more about Equities First.

Stock-based loans are accompanied by a non-recourse feature, which enables borrowers to disengage their lending abilities at any given point. This is possible even when the value of stocks depreciates. As such, a borrower can retain the proceeds from the initial loan without being indebted to the lender and resume of this company.

Stock-based loans are not accompanied by restrictions, which means they can be used to meet whatever purpose. This is why Equities First Holdings operates under the slogan: We Do One Thing So You Can Do Anything. For this reason, a borrower can invest the money for personal reasons and business expansion and read full article.

David McDonald’s Beijing Move

The OSI Group is a company that was initially based in the United States but now has offices around the globe. One of their biggest and best offices that they have is actually in China and that is something that has set the company apart from all of the rest of the companies. Thanks to the office in China, they were able to be one of the food providers to the Beijing Olympics.

While the OSI Group did not necessarily make the food – they are a distributor for restaurants, not a restaurant – they did provide the food makers with everything that they needed to get the Olympic food to go off without any problems. One thing that David McDonald OSI Group often talks about is how it was one of the only times that there were no major complaints with the Olympic food despite the condition that the Olympics were played in.

The idea behind all of the opportunities that the OSI Group has created all involve the chances that they have made for many different people. They want to work to make sure that things are going to be done the right way and that allows them the chance to make sure that all of the options are given to different areas. For example, the OSI Group provides the same type of quality to the smaller restaurants that they work with as they do to the bigger name companies that they work with like McDonald’s and Subway. They do not differentiate between the two.

Read more on Bloomberg

The idea that quality can come at a low cost is a platform that the OSI Group has stood on from the beginning. It was one of the biggest reasons that people originally chose the OSI Group and something that continues to work well for the company today. While they are a large, global market they were not always that way. What started out as a relatively basic operation, is now much larger. David McDonald knows that the move to Beijing 20 years ago was something that helped to make sure that things would work out.

Learn more about David McDonald:

Equities First –Stock Loans Are Currently an Easier Way to Acquire Working Capital

The Great Recession led many traditional lenders into going losses and what followed is working on ways of reducing more losses and related risks. That has seen many banks loans getting harder to borrow and expensive to repay, which has left many borrowers without reliable options rather than to depend on alternative lending loans. For instance, stock-loans borrowing has been on the rise with key companies dealing with the services registering an increase of applicants. Equities First is a giant in the sector and its recent records have confirmed a sharp traction of stock-loan borrowers. Despite the dominance of formula that led to risking and losing of trillions of dollars in the early stages of financial crisis, there were documented attempts of within the financial sector happening prior to the crisis, to address the menace of formula limitations, particularly the poor representation of acute events and lacking of dependence dynamics and more information click here.

Nearly every institution underestimated mortgage risks in the chain from originators to investors by underweighting the likelihood of falling housing costs as per the base of historical trends in the past 50 years. Overvaluation of asset-backed and mortgage items and their derivatives by securitizers, originators, investors, insurance underwriters, rating-agencies and broker-dealers were caused by restrictions of default & prepayment models and the core of pricing models. What was witnessed was the boom and collapsing of the shadow banking systems while the securitization markets got impaired during the crisis. This is enough proof that the worst performing and riskiest mortgages were financed via the shadow banking system with the competition of the shadow banking system having pressured many traditional institutions into lowering their underwriting standards that touched on riskier loans. With many modifications that have touched on banks on their fight for associated risks, fewer borrowers are securing traditional loans easily and affordably. Stock loans are turned into a better option for majority of potential investors and Equities First of Linkedin.


The Functions of End Citizens United

End Citizens United was funded by the grassroots donors. It was founded in March 2015. It is a political action committee. This committee shows candidates, officials, press, and the voters at the grassroots that are battling with the force of the increasing shamelessness of billionaires who try to buy the elections. End Citizens United hopes to create a wide coalition that will work towards reforms in campaign finance and also put pressure on the lawmakers to take action. The mission of End Citizens United is to fight back big money in politics and to dismantle the rigged political system through the election of campaign champions in finance reforms.


The champions elected by End Citizens United tirelessly work hard to overturn Citizens United, end dark money, and also bring unlimited money in our politics to an end. The committee seeks to make the issue of money in politics a national priority. End Citizens United supports Democrats in the main races who favor their campaign finance system. The committee also stands up for candidates who face attacks by mega-donors and corporate special interests. The End Citizens United works with Democrats because they lead the battle against the Citizens United. There can be a meaningful change in their leadership.


Candidates are required by the End Citizens United to complete a questionnaire regarding their political stand and what they advocate for in order to determine the candidates to endorse. End Citizens United works in conjunction with a team of Democratic operatives who are veterans. The veterans help them to get their message out. The board of directors at End Citizens United is made up of top leaders who commit themselves to assist in changing Citizens United. They also help in the election of Democratic champions in order to help in fighting big money in politics. End Citizens United seeks to restore power to the ordinary Americans.


End United Citizens have acquired massive support from the American citizens since its inception. The committee has also gained a huge following of Democrats who hugely support their mission and goals. Elections have faced corruption and injustice due to the influence of big money in the American politics. This is what End United Citizens aims to correct. The political committee has been very active during the last elections. It has been able to succeed in their fight. End Citizens United raises funds from the ordinary people to support their campaigns. They have raised approximately $4 million so far. They hope to raise about $35 that will make sure they achieve their target. The End Citizens United has contributed a lot to the American politics since it was founded. The Committee has an ultimate goal of ensuring that politics in America is free from big money and it is fair to all.