The Rag to Riches Story of Richard Liu Qiangdong

Not many people come from a poor background and are able to reach the stars. There are those who are brought up in wealthy families and end up squandering all their inheritances. For Richard Liu Qiangdong, a son of a peasant family, his upbringing taught him to be a humble man, work hard and utilize every opportunity that comes his way. Today, Richard Liu is one of the most recognizable people in China and in many other parts of the world. He is not just a respected investor in the country but a billionaire who has inspired many people.

Richard Liu is the founder of Inc., the leading e-commerce platform in China. Since he established this platform, he has been making a lot of revenue from the internet. This is a business idea or opportunity that many investors in the world had been wary of but Richard Liu Qiangdong has embraced and excelled in. has more than 220 million users thanks to the effective leadership style and prowess of Mr. Qiangdong. The e-commerce platform is also widely regarded by its active users and new ones because it guarantees timely delivery of goods and services regardless of clients’ location.

The rag to riches story of Richard Liu will, without doubt, inspire you. He is a man who decades ago could not have enough to eat and left his home with only $130 and 76 eggs at hand to pursue a degree in sociology at the Renmin University. He was not just dedicated to getting his degree but also freelanced to make ends meet. During his free time, he would write his own computer codes and think of possible business opportunities.

His endeavours brought success to his doorsteps and in 2014 he started establishing his online sales platform which he went on to name 360buy JingDong. Within a decade, the internet market had become the in-thing and Richard Liu changed the company’s name to Today, his venture focuses not only on e-commerce but also offers widespread logistics and finance solutions. The Chinese e-commerce market is extremely competitive but has been able to overcome all the challenges and fulfil its goals and missions. Richard Liu Qiangdong is just getting started and he hopes in a few years to come, the company will have opened 1 million active stores in China and expand to other parts of the world.

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Dr. Saad Saad And His Inventions

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon with over forty years in the medical field. He decided to become a doctor during his early teens. He went to a construction site to make some money. He found out quickly that he was not suited for manual labor.

He ended up passing out due to the hard work and the heat. Upon regaining consciousness, he realized that his education was going to have to come first and he ended up with the idea that he was going to become a doctor. He later became a US Board Certified doctor. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

Today he feels that innovation is going to take the medical industry to the next level and will help to ensure that patients are always receiving the most efficient care. As a doctor, he improved upon two medical devices that are sure to make the jobs of other doctors so much simpler. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

One of his inventions was he designed a catheter that could be located with electromagnetic energy. With a traditional catheter, a doctor had to perform an x-ray or an MRI to spot the location of where the catheter was inserted. Dr. Saad felt that these methods to locate a catheter wasted too much time.

A patient who has too many x-rays can be exposed to a lot of radiation. MRI’s cannot be moved and can be impractical. The catheter invented by Dr. Saad allows the user to use a small device that can scan the body quickly and locate the exact location of the catheter.

The process requires only a few seconds, as opposed to the x-ray or the MRI, which these processes can take over fifteen minutes.

Dr. Saad also invented an endoscope that can remove fog with a special suction tool. An endoscope is used to look in a patient’s throat or stomach. The body produces fluids that can cause fog to build upon an endoscope and make it impossible for the doctor to get a proper view inside the patient.

With a traditional endoscope, a doctor would have to keep removing the device because of a build-up of too much fog. Dr. Saad’s endoscope has a suction tool that can remove the fog while the doctor has the endoscope in the patient. This device has been useful for Dr. Saad, who has used it many times for patients who had a foreign object stuck in their throat.

Ryan Seacrest: Making it in all Fronts

Ryan Seacrest hosts the American Idol, a music competition series that is coming back on ABC this spring. Ryan is an iconic and award-winning host and creative entrepreneur who is the producer and host in countrywide syndicated radio shows in both broadcast and cable television. He is also famous due to the philanthropic work he undertakes focusing on the youth initiatives. His efforts are bearing fruits nationwide, but most importantly, he has made a name for himself through different interests in media and entertainment companies.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest brings you On Air with Ryan Seacrest; a number one syndicated morning drive-time radio shows that air on iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KIIS-FM in Los Angeles. Mr. Seacrest is also the host of the nationwide syndicated Top 40 radio show.

Live with Kelly and Ryan

On television, Ryan hosts and produces the ABC/Disney syndicated talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. He produces and also hosts of the Dick Clark’s New Year Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, an ABC’s Annual New Year’s Eve program. He also hosts the E! News’ Live from the Red Carpet, which is a top awards show franchise.

Ryan Seacrest owns the Emmy-winning production company known as the Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP). This company has produced many TV programs that include Keeping Up with the Kardashian, E! Live from the Red Carpet, I love Kellie Pickler, Sha’s of Sunset, Best Cover Ever, and Shades of Blue, which has Jenifer Lopez as the star character. Ryan Seacrest Productions has also produced Insatiable for Netflix, as well as the Emmy winning reality series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Ryan Seacrest Distinction

Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his menswear collection and sells exclusively at Macy’s. Ryan also has collaborated with Dr. Harold Lancer who is a world-renowned dermatologist to produce a skin care line dubbed Polished by Dr. Lancer.


Ryan serves as the chairperson of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) that has Seacrest studio in different pediatric hospitals across the country. He is a Grammy Foundation honorary chair and is also a board member at the County Museum of Art in Los Angeles

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OSI Food Solutions And The Decision To Buy Baho Foods

Baho Food was purchased by OSI Food Solutions. This was a very good deal because it helps OSI expand more. Plus, it adds the necessary jobs to continue its goal of processing the best quality meats that it is known for. If you are wanting to use OSI Food Solutions for your restaurant supplier for meat, consider this company. You can not go wrong with them as they are one of the dominant food sources in the global market today.

OSI Food Solutions has decided to keep the managing director John Balvers on board because he wanted to be apart of the vision that OSI had for his company. With his support and knowledge of Baho Food, he was able to help make the merger as smooth as possible. This company needed OSI to help them out and that is a reason why they are able to thrive under the company’s wings. What started out as just a small retail meat market has now bought out several food companies and it has made those expansions successful. They are still the top meat supplier for McDonalds, which is the company that helped to propel them into the global arena today. OSI cares about its customers and employees so they make sure to take care of each. It is not only one of the best companies to work for, they are also the best supplier to get your meat from.

OSI Food Solutions has been rated in America’s top 100 categories of food suppliers. That is not surprising with all the rave reviews that they have gotten about their meats. Fresh meat has always been the top priority ever since the company got its start in Chicago by a German immigrant. Being a butcher shop from the start and then expanding into wholesale has made this company what it is today. Hard work is another factor in OSI being so successful. If you need to have your meat supplied to you by a company, OSI Food Solutions is the one you want to turn too. You won’t regret it.

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Stream Energy And The Care They Provide Within The Community

The city of Houston was not spared from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. People all over the country watched as the storm brought destruction that ended up taking many lives and destroying numerous homes. Stream Energy was one of the first company’s in the region to step up and assist in the recovery efforts after the storm. The company worked with is clients who had ended up experiencing financial hardship due to the storm. Stream Energy takes pride in that they have practiced philanthropy as a company for many years. The company recently opened “Stream cares”, a branch of the company that is dedicated to works of charity.

Stream Energy starting a corporate branch in which the sole purpose is to do philanthropic deeds is unique in the business world. This provides two main benefits for the company. They can help make their community a better place by giving back and they are able to increase the respect they receive from members all through the community. It gives them a chance to potentially add brand new clients. A company going through extreme hardships can use acts of philanthropy to boost the company’s image and get them back on track. Statistics show that corporate America is extremely generous, and it is estimated that they gave over $19 billion to charities all over the country in 2016.

Stream Energy has spent several years working with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. The management works with the employees in a combined effort to aid in the local community. The management encourages its employees to help the community in ways that they have strong feelings for. The employees at Stream Energy all agree that helping the homeless in the community is important.

Stream Energy teams up with Hope Supply Company to help give homeless kids the time of their lives. The event involves paying for over a thousand homeless children to go to a water park. The food and cost to get inside the park are covered. This is usually an extremely incredible experience for many of these children because most of them have never stepped inside a water park. The associates of the two companies also collect money and supplies to provide further assistance to the children.

Technology aids politicking in the 21st century

Soccer moms in a minivan will be approaching you with a MiniVAN on their cell phone. This may seem like a terrible play on words, and it is a horrible pun. Even though it is a horrible pun, it is still true. The Democratic party has started to move away from pen and paper canvassing when it is not necessary. Campaign volunteers are using a cell phone app that connects to the NGP VAN database used by the Democratic party.


The NGP VAN database contains records of who voted for Democratic party candidates in previous elections and who is most likely to do so again. Targeting voters who have voted the way the campaign volunteers would like them to have voted in the past save work and helps canvassers target people who are likely to get out to vote again. As useful as the program may be, it often over targets independent voters who may not be likely to vote the same way in any given election.

Technology is likely to play an increasing role in campaigns, and it may make it easier to get out the vote. While making it easier to get out the vote is good, there are negative aspects to using technology as well. Using cell phone technology may disproportionately impact rural voters. Rural voters do not always live in areas where cell phone data can be accessed. Some areas may have limited access at slower speeds.


This may not cause a problem for Democratic party pollsters as long as they continue to use the old-fashioned pen and paper methods where they are appropriate. The Republicans have not forgotten where most of their core voters live. Perhaps technology may be better used to solve the gerrymandering problem many people seem to have with the current system. Some people believe that gerrymandering gave the United States its current president.



MiniVan Canvassing Sets Records

On September 15, 2018, the NGP MiniVan app set a single-day record with a total of 18,421 people logging on across the country. The new single-day record was part of a broader annual increase in which 2018 has been the biggest year on record for MiniVan usage. With six weeks remaining before the mid-terms, the canvassing app had had more than 218,000 user logins. This total far exceeded the 2016 presidential election year total of 153,000.


– Canvassing Is On the Rise

NGP VAN provides support for election canvassing including the Democratic Party voter information rolls. The MiniVan mobile app has added flexibility and increased control for canvassing projects; the MiniVan promotes efficiency in canvassing, and it allows field organizers to maximize their staff effort. Importantly, canvassing provides an opportunity for voter engagement that includes gathering feedback on voter’s concerns.


Canvassing brings the human touch to politics through face-to-face contact, and person to person communication by telephone or the Internet. NGP VAN has led the way to use technology to amplify the human touch; canvassers can record and submit notes from interactions including closing the communication loop by electronically recording and reporting voter response to campaign information.

NGP VAN is part of an emerging array of technology that connects to politics in essential ways. Twitter has become a favorite platform for digital communications and streaming video appeals to audiences that do not intake information in written forms as eagerly as in visual and audio presentations.


-Small Campaigns Benefit

In an article published in Forbes Magazine, a leading political advisor discussed the impact of technology on modern campaigns. Alicia Roth Weigel is a political strategist and campaign consultant working in policy advocacy and campaign management through her company Intrepid Strategy. As a national and regional political consultant, Wiegel described the impact of the NGP VAN technology on local elections. According to Ms. Wiegel, local campaigns can use technology to get canvassing advantages that formerly only occurred in large well-financed national campaigns.


– Technology is a Two-Way Street

Ms. Wiegel joins a growing number of political experts that support the notion that technology increases contacts between campaign and voters, and vice versa. Voters can also use technology to communicate with political leaders and also to follow their progress. Technology provides a feedback loop that lets voters hold political leaders to account. The NGP VAN MiniVan demonstrates the growing importance and impact of technology on local elections.


Herbalife: Expanding Creativity

The company Herbalife is holding a back to school design challenge. The company is teaming up with the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, otherwise known as FIDM, to allow a few more than fifteen lucky students the opportunity to design activewear that is reflective of a healthy and active lifestyle. The clothes that the students will be designing must be inclusive of colors, production, fabric, and sourcing strategy, to the Herbalife Nutrition team and FIDM staff. The final step in the process lets the students explain to Herbalife the way that they would go about marketing the merchandise as a cohesive line.

Rich Goudis, who is the CEO of Herbalife stated that because of the school’s commitment to the same ideologies as the company, this makes them an exciting partner in this project. This year also marks the twenty-sixth year that the school has partnered with a global brand to create a design challenge for their students. Herbalife has also teamed up with Nike, which as stated by the vice president of FIDM, Barbara Bundy, “… who have educated and challenged our students in new and inspiring ways…” She also goes on to say that she is excited to work with them to create clothing that encourages people to live healthy daily lives.

The company Herbalife, has a long history of making products that help people become more healthy and happy with themselves in their daily lives. The founder of the company which is based in Los Angles, California, Mark Hughes, started the company with the inspiration to help everyone to change the nutritional habits of the world. He was inspired by his mother, who passed away too soon because she was thought to have an eating disorder and unhealthy ways of trying to lose weight. He first started selling his formula out of the trunk of his car, bt was determined to keep going and growing his ideas for healthy weight loss. This idealism worked, and in 1988, the company was expanding to Japan, Spain, Israel, New Zealand, and Mexico.

The company is based around the making of weight-loss and protein shakes. The original formula of the shakes was a Formula 1 protein shake, which was a soy-based meal-replacement shake. Now, however, they have expanded their reach into teas, aloes, vitamins, and protein bars.





The Rise of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

A respected member of the medical community, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been changing lives for many years. He is currently approved by various licensing boards to offer expertise. These agencies include major groups like The American Board of Emergency Medicine and the LA State Medical Board. Dr. Forsthoefel has become known for specializing in emergency medicine. His specialties include fractures, cardiac distress, and other acute illnesses.

Dr. Forsthoefel is a native of Tallahassee, Florida. He earned his degree from the University of Louisville, school of medicine in 2009. After graduation he would move on to Louisiana State University for his residency in emergency medicine. Forsthoefel soon began working in emergency medicine. This is a complex and dynamic world that is constantly changing. Forsthoefel now has nearly a decade of experience working in this challenging field. Forsthoefel has become an expert at assessing and responding to patients in emergency situations.

Despite the challenges of working in the emergency world, Dr. Forsthoefel has received solid reviews for his work. It is often very difficult for ER doctors to receive reviews as their patients are not regular patients and they usually are in an out of the hospital in a short time. Despite this challenge many of the patients who have visited Dr. Forsthoefel have documented their pleasure in his service. Dr. Forsthoefel has received very high marks in areas such as knowledge, punctuality, and helpfulness.

Patients have noted his client first approach and how he seems to take his time with all his patients. Furthermore he listens to them describe their problems in detail and takes time to thoroughly understand their background.

Well educated and with lots of experience, Dr. Forsthoefel has become a leader in the emergency care world. He is an excellent example for others and appears destined for continued success for many years to come.

OSI Group Surpassing Ordinary American Dreams

Love is a rare thing and true friendship even more unique. It was love or friendship and probably both that the OSI Group shares with the McDonald food stores that led both companies’ forces in the food industry. Today, America mulls on the idea of closing its borders to immigrants. It is a tough call made even tougher by the success stories of immigrants who made America great. A man from Germany came to America chasing the American dream with only a butcher’s knife and made it big. This small-time butchery owner is responsible for the early beginnings of the OSI group. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

When opportunity and right timing present themselves, exploiting them to full potential requires a special kind of talent. The sons of Otto the butcher did what most young men with inheritance wouldn’t do. They grew the small business entrusted into their care by their father tenfold placing it on the world map. Today, that small struggling but dreaming business is OSI Group, and meat products continue to be their stronghold.

Feeding the hungry and the environment

Sustainability is a vocabulary that fails to exist in most companies. OSI Group realized long ago that the situation comes before the meat and not vice versa. OSI knows it has a future to protect and what better way to do it than through protecting the environment that will feed its future. The company is dedicated to sustainable food production and reducing the environmental footprint, something that other companies would love considering as another person’s job. OSI cleans up after themselves, and for this reason, they raise the bar for other companies to emulate. Their technology is top notch and environmentally friendly, and so is their product in the quest to save the planet.

More on OSI Group

It is an international company operating in seventeen countries. It is a testament of a fulfilled American dream that continues to prove that small businesses can become giants. It is an award-winning company when it comes to managing the environment, providing a healthy and safe workplace for its employees and producing quality meat. It has previously featured on the Forbes List of largest private companies. It has 65 processing plants to its name and a certified food company dedicated to bringing only the best. Nothing can stop this company that was once just a small community meat provider. Sheldon Lavin heads it and steered by over 20,000 employees that report to work daily chasing dreams, fulfilling some, earning a living and bettering their skills.